Samantha Prahalis: The Best Point Guard at Ohio State

Drew GatewoodAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2010

MILWAUKEE - MARCH 26:  Samantha Prahalis #21 of the East team dribbles during the 2008 McDonald's All American High School Girls basketball game on March 26, 2008 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


Question: Who’s the best point guard at Ohio State?

Answer: Samantha Prahalis, and it’s not even close.

Many of Ohio State’s die-hard Buckeye fans don’t even know the name, but they should. Jeremie Simmons? P.J. Hill? No. Samantha Prahalis, she can make passes the other two won't even attempt.

She’s only a sophomore but she’s already made a huge impact in Columbus. As a freshman she won Big Ten Freshman of the year, and Second Team All-American honors.

She owns the freshman assists record in a season with 203, and currently is second in the Big Ten averaging 7.8 assists a game.  She’s averaging 15.8 points a game, second on the team to Jantel Lavender.

Jeremie Simmons and P.J. Hill rarely see the court now that Evan Tuner is back. Turner who’s taking the point guard duties is really a scoring guard, or small forward. His talent puts him at almost any position on the court, but Ohio State’s lack production at point guard mandates his services at the position.

P.J. Hill averages four points and one assist per game this season. Jeremie Simmons averages six points and one assist per game.  If you combine their stats Prahalis does that in a half, and she does it with style. Her repertoire includes a multitude of passes including through her legs, and behind the back.

At 5’7’’ the other two tower over her, but what she lacks in height she makes up with talent. The Ohio State women’s team is poised to make a run at the title this March, and they expect big things from their star point guard.

She’s not only racking up steals in the box score, but also off the court. Prahalis has also managed to steal another No. 21’s heart, Evan Turner.

The two met while hanging around The Schott, and now have made it official. “We see each other mostly after practice, and go to the movies and stuff,” quoted Prahalis.

They both attend the others games when they‘re both in town, but the hectic life of practice, games, lifting, and class make it hard.

Both players’ teammates joke about who would win one-on-one. “If I was a girl, she’d probably beat me, but I don’t know I think I might win,” Turner said with a smile.

Don’t get too confident Mr. Turner, she’s drilling shots from behind the arc at a 35 percent pace, eclipsing your 28 percent season average. She’s also shooting 77 percent from the charity stripe, so I wouldn’t foul either.

When asked if she was impressed with her Buckeye beau, she shot back, “ I guess I’m hard to impress, I’m not hard on him though.”

Well Samantha I might be impressed with Turner, he’s got the resume to be a very productive player at the next level. As far as the competition on whose the best point guard at Ohio State, you’re right, I’m not impressed either. When compared with Jeremie Simmons and PJ Hills, she’s the best point guard hands down.