Goodbye ECW, Hello WWE NXT

Lewis EnglishContributor IFebruary 3, 2010

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 21: Wrestler Tommy Dreamer  arrives at the WWE's SummerSlam Kickoff Party at H-Wood Club on August 21, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With a quick and painful announcement on this week’s ECW broadcast from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon it seems that the charade that was the WWE’s incarnation of ECW has come to an end.

WWE, since the acquisition of ECW at the start of the decade, has never known quite what to do with it and eventually turned it into a broadcast-able developmental territory. It now seems that this plan has come to fruition with the ending of ECW and the emergence of a new show, at the same time, on the same channel most likely called WWE: NXT.

Back in January the WWE applied and were granted trademarks for both television and marketing for the title WWE: NXT and it seems to me that this would follow the narrative ECW has shown over the last few years.

I don’t think that WWE should have ever used the ECW name. ECW had a time and a place and brought a great number of innovations including hardcore wrestling and changing the stigma that smaller wrestlers couldn’t be top names in the business. I suppose if I had paid money for the ECW name I would try to make a profit out of it also but in WWE’s PG era it the Extreme went by the way side.

Former ECW Wrestler and announcer didn’t seem to pleased with the way in which ECW was canned "So, WWE ending their 'vision' of ECW (thank god). ANY ORIG ECW wrestlers get a thanks? How about Paul Heyman did he get a thanks? Classy move!" he said, via Twitter.

I think the idea of turning the SyFy show in to an outlet for up and coming stars would be a good one and the idea of a Contract Scramble [TM to be applied for] could cause much more of a stir than ECW did.

The Contract Scramble could be either an individual match or a tournament in the same vein as Money in the Bank or King of the Ring. The winner would win a ticket to one of the big shows; Raw or Smackdown.

I think that the way they announced the end of ECW fits the way it was treated by WWE. As an illegitimate son which it could cast off at anytime, with little thought or compassion.

I will remember Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Sandman and Rob Van Dam rather than Yoshi Tatsu and Ezekiel Jackson.

Let me know your thoughts and memories of ECW.