DeMaurice Smith Will Ruin The NFL

Dakota FoxContributor IFebruary 3, 2010

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 03: National Football League Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith testifies on Capitol Hill on November 3, 2009 in Washington, DC. The hearing focused on doping in professional sports.(Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)
Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

First of all, before I get into the thick of it. I need everybody to visualize something. In the movie, the Replacements, Gene Hackman has to lead Keanu Reeves(really?) and his teammates to win out the rest of the season as replacement players. If you haven't seen it, its really funny and any football fan should give it a try.

Now, for a period of about twenty seconds in the movie we meet the NFLPA. He is a ruthless man who wants nothing more than to get more money for his players. Which means that he gets more money and buys himself a second term as the NFLPA. He also seems like a douche bag.

People I want you to meet the Antichrist of the NFL. DeMaurice Smith is conniving lawyer type. He was a high profile criminal defense lawyer and defends fortune 500 companies against lawsuits. Even though I want to, I will not discuss his politics because it will discredit the article. This man is not the type of person, we as fans should want. This is the kind of guy who will convince the players that ,even though they have reached an CBA deal, to go ahead and push for the extra 20 million in cap space. I have no doubt, he would lie to the players to advance his own personal causes.

My evidence for this slanderous claim, would be his comments on a rookie salary cap. His first comments on this came up at the NFL draft last year. As a fan, I was excited to meet the new NFLPA and see what he was like. Now, I did not know he was not a former NFL player. I also did not know he was Corporate defense lawyer. When asked what he thought of a rookie salary cap. Here was his response. 

Don't you think this man is trying to buy future votes for his second term. Of course he is. When the next vote comes up to keep him in, most veterans will be the rookies he defended. He is thinking nothing of Fairness or the value of "hard work, better pay". Also, does anyone buy the fact that there is not one veteran who doesn't want a rookie salary cap. Why should Matthew Stafford make more money than half the players in the NFL. There is no good reason.

Along with using his devices to put money in his pocket and secure his next term, he openly supports infringing on American rights. Thats right, he doesn't believe in freedom of speech or open commerce. If some of you dont know, Rush Limbaugh mentioned in one of his shows, that he made a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams. To clarify, his was part of a coalition of people buying the Rams and would not have had full control of the team.

Smith had this to say

Now, I don't care what you think about Rush Limbaugh. He has every right to buy a team and no one can stop him from trying. One part of the email, compares Rush Limbaugh buying a team to go back to slavery. I wonder if Demaurice Smith would have had a problem if Huey Newton or Bobby Seale wanted to buy a team. 

Finally my last point is this. He looks like a goblin. I am afraid that he would eat my baby cousins. Look at him, and most of you will say "oh you picked this picture for this point". Well yes, but if you look at any of his pictures they look goblinish. 

In the future, we have to watch out for this man, he is pushing for higher wages for NFL players and if that doesnt happen. We will be looking at an uncapped year. Which we all know, ha