MacHall's Bleacher Creature Trivia, Part Four: International and Olympic Hockey

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Welcome to Part Four of the Quiz! Every week this summer, find new hockey trivia - and answers - here, up to three times a week. Test your self and your friends, and take credit as the King or Queen of hockey knowledge. Covering various topics (and miscellany) chapter to chapter, it’s a fun and easy way to get into the game over the hot summer months. Take a journey with your fellow Bleacher Creatures and discover the stories which make up over a hundred years of ice time.

Think you can handle it? Want to prove your hockey-smarts? Grab a pen and paper, or simply type your solutions on your own Bleacher Report profile and play along. Answers for today’s questions will be listed in the subsequent edition, and links to other chapters are at the bottom of the page.

Looking beyond the borders of the NHL, we head abroad - so to speak - to International and Olympic play. Most questions involve NHL heroes, but throw them outside their franchise teams and give them a chance at national glory. Again, this is a multi-faceted topic, so expect more of this type in the future. For now, cheer your teams and compatriots to victory, and show the world how much you know about hockey by having a go at these:

1. Which hockey player was the first to win an Olympic Gold medal AND the Stanley Cup in the same year?

2. What refereeing controversy arose at the 2002 Winter Olympics in the Women’s ice hockey Final between the United States and Canada?

3.  In 1992, no single country won gold in ice hockey at the Winter Olympics in Albertville. Why?

4. Which 1983 NHL draft pick was on the Gold Medal ice hockey team at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics?

5. The longest game in international ice hockey history took place in Philadelphia. Two national teams would remain drawn at 2-all until the deadlock was broken at 19:47 of the second overtime period. Which two country’s squads were involved, in which tournament were they playing, and who scored the winning goal?

6.  The 1980 Winter Olympics at lake Placid are considered a turning point in American Hockey. Team USA, filled with amateur and colligate players, went on to beat the best in the world and win the Gold Medal. Which team did they beat in the Final to clinch gold, and in what place did that losing team finish?

7. What was hockey analyst Pierre McGuire referring to when he coined the phrase "It was a double-Dion" at the 2005 World Junior Championship?

8.  Which was the first year the medalling countries in Olympic ice hockey did not include at least one of the “big three” national teams, Canada, USSR/Russia, or the United States?

9. In the early days of Olympic Ice Hockey, the gold medal podium was dominated by teams from the Dominion of Canada. Canadians started off winning six of the first seven Olympic tournaments - they would not win gold again until the 2002 double-event. Before the fifty year gap starting in 1956, which was the only team to break Canada’s formerly potential seven-time winning streak?

10. At the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games, Canada’s Men’s AND Women’s ice hockey teams won Gold. A good luck charm of sorts was buried at centre ice and has been credited with helping along the double-victory. What famous token was buried, and by whom?

Bonus Question: Why was the aforementioned good luck charm buried at centre ice in the first place?

Photo Question: Two of today’s biggest NHL stars, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, met on international ice as comparative cubs at the 2005 World Juniors. Due to the NHL lockout, a number of skilled players who would have otherwise been playing pro were competing for various teams creating a veritable constellation of future dazzlers. It created a fun winter tournament with some of the most lop-sided scores in event history and featured a final between Canada and Russia. Can you name the tournament All-Stars (all six positions, any country), name the MVP, and remember who scored more goals, Crosby or Ovechkin?

Technical Question: On their way to a resonating Olympic gold medal win in 2002, Team Canada faced what looked to be dire straights late in the competition. They came across their only defeat, a 5-2 loss in Group C’s final rounds when they were unable to solve a particular system of play. What is the name for the system mentioned, and how does it work?

Answers - MacHall Test Part Three: Stanley Cup Sampler 

* Note: These are the solutions to the previous quiz. Try your hand at the questions here.

3.1 ~ Red Kelly - Eight Cups, four with Detroit, four with Toronto

3.2 ~ The Detroit Red Wings. As of end 2008, they are the only team to win the Cup with an overtime marker in Game 7, and they did it twice. In 1950, they won the championship at 8:31 of the second OT period when Pete Babando put the puck past the Rangers netminder. Then, in 1954, another seventh game overtime Final was decided, by Tony Leswick as the Canadiens were victimised. NOTE: Other teams have won the Cup in overtime, such as the 1996 Colorado Avalanche (see more below) - but not in Game 7. On 10 June 1996, Uwe Krupp completed the sweep of the Florida Panthers when he became the 12th player in NHL history to pot the Cup-winning goal in overtime.

3.3 ~ Ken Dryden. The amazing Montreal goaltender came in to play starter for the Habs in the 1971 playoffs, having played just six games in the regular season. The Canadiens won the Cup and Dryden won the Conn Smythe before he had even played an entire season. The next year “the giraffe” played superbly, posting 39 wins, eight wins and fifteen draws in his “rookie year”. Though the Canadiens did not repeat their Stanley Cup victory in 1972, their soon-to-be-legend backstop won the Calder Trophy for best performance by a player in his rookie season.

3.4 ~ Henri Richard. He actually won all eleven of his Stanley Cup championships before his tenth birthday. Born on the leap-year date of 29 February 1936, his actual birthday was only recognised every four years on the nearly-universal Gregorian calendar. As a consequence, he had been playing for twenty years and won eleven championships by the time his tenth birthday came around, in 1976.

3.5 ~ Patrick Roy. He won the Stanley Cup in 1986 and 1993 with Montreal, 1996 with Colorado, and completing the hat-trick, another with the Avs in 2001.

3.6 ~ Ted Lindsay. When the Detroit Red Wings won the Cup in 1950, he was the first in what would become a long line of captains to skate the first victory lap with the Cup held high. It was also the beginning of regular Cup presentations taking place immediately after the game and on the ice.

3.7 ~ For the second time in this quiz, it‘s goaltender Patrick Roy. Having competed in an astounding 247 playoff games, it is impressive that anyone surpassed Roy, considering many players don’t appear in that many regular season games in their whole career. Chelios, a defenseman, would inevitably have far fewer minutes played overall compared to Roy.

3.8 ~ In every series of the 2006 Western Conference Quarter Finals, the lower-seeded team won the round. In fact, the Edmonton Oilers, who had the fewest points of any Western playoff team, went on to play in the Finals for the Stanley Cup. They would eventually lose out to the Carolina Hurricanes.

3.9 ~ Denver, Colorado is 1,996 miles distant from Quebec City. Spooky.

3.10 ~ Tiger Williams as a Canuck, and he knocked out Sabres head coach Scotty Bowman in Game 3 of the first round of the 1980 Playoffs. Bowman recounted to media later that Tiger came at him with both hands on the stick and brought it down on his by-then- balding bean. A Sabres player was down on the ice and attracting attention, so the incident went by unnoticed. Tiger claimed further that Bowman had been slinging slanderous comments towards the Vancouver players, and though there was no defence of causing serious injury, Scotty deserved it!

3.11 ~ (Bonus Question) Charlie Gardiner. The pioneer backstop and captain led the Chicago Black Hawks to their very first Stanley Cup in 1934. Gardiner also won his second Vezina that year. Considered to be the greatest goaltender of his day, his brilliance was cut tragically short when he suffered a brain haemorrhage in Winnipeg just three weeks after the historic championship win. He was 29 years old.

3.12 ~ (Photo Question) Glenn Hall was the goalie and Noel Picard the tripper! What a lasting image those three players (including Orr) gave the hockey world.

Check below for more trivia, plus a link to the answers to these international questions (Part Five).

New quiz questions (and solutions to the previous edition) will be published Mondays and Fridays through much of the Summer.  Let me know you have posted answers on your profile, and I will let you know just how well you did on the quiz.

Other Trivia in this series is available via the author's archive (see link below).

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