2008-2009 NFL Season Predictions or... Just Some Nonsense?

Justin MorganCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

I have been looking at some pre-season predictions for this upcoming NFL season, and I'm not very surprised.

Most people Have Dallas coming out of the NFC and San Diego coming out of the AFC.

Then I got to thinking, "How do these 'experts' really come up with their picks?" I decided to do a little picking of my own.

I decided to go though the entire NFL schedule and pick the winner for all 17 weeks.

You must be thinking that I've got to much time on my hands or that I need to get a life. However, I really thought I was on to something.

Do these experts take in-depth looks at each roster, or do they just copy it off the team web-site? Do they do any in-depth research on every team?

Well they probably do do all of that stuff, but I figured that I would make it easier on them.

So today I went through the roster and picked every winner. Keep in mind all I did was take a quick look at the match-up and circled the "winner".

So here it goes:


EAST:                     WEST:                NORTH:               SOUTH:          

New England-14-2   San Diego- 16-0   Pittsburgh- 10-6  Jacksonville- 15-1

New York- 6-10       Denver- 10-6       Cleveland- 9-7     Indianapolis- 14-2  

Buffalo- 4-12          Oakland- 4-12      Cincinnatti- 6-10   Houston- 9-7  

Miami- 2-14            Kansas City- 2-14 Baltimore- 1-15   Tennessee- 8-8       



EAST:                  WEST:                   NORTH:             SOUTH:

Dallas- 16-0          Arizona- 9-7          Minnesota-14-2  New Orleans- 13-3

New York- 10-6     San Francisco- 9-7 Green Bay- 6-10 Tampa Bay- 11-5

Philadelphia- 6-10  Seattle- 9-7           Chicago- 3-13     Carolina- 9-7

Washington- 5-11 St. Louis- 2-14       Detroit- 3-13      Atlanta- 0-16

Just a note, I did not figure out which NFC West team would take that division. I just put them in Alphabetical order.

 I after picking all of the games I think it is safe to say that this is not how the "experts" make their predictions. However, I would like to point out that the 2 teams that most people have picked both ended up 16-0.

Just to make sure everyone is clear, no bias, expert predictions, or anything else went into these picks. Just me picking who i think will win each game.

And again, all I did was look at each match-up and make a quick pick.