What Will Turn Cena Heel: Pursuit of The Wwe Championship Or The Fans?

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2010

John Cena is one of those men who have incredible charisma and great mic skills. Cena works week after week to get better and even though his wrestling skills are limited he's still done a lot for the company. Even though Cena's done so much for the company he's still hated by some if not most fans. Maybe, if John Cena was to turn heel then maybe people would actually respect him like they do with Randy Orton.

Vince, do you want the fans to respect Cena and earn a boost in ratings along the way? If the answer to my question is yes, than turn John Cena from WWE's top face into WWE's top heel.

Last time around when Cena was a heel, he was a wannabe thug. He would talk smack about his opponents before his match which got him way over with the fans. If WWE wants Cena to be a successful heel than they have to make him more serious which would have to mean no more joking around.

Which is exactly why, this time around I want a more aggressive John Cena. A man who isn't the same old boring super hero, but a man whose only obsession is ruthless aggression.

Let's think about it, as a face many people tried to end Cena's career but failed thus he was known as Super Cena, but what if Super Cena turned heel? He would even be more unstoppable.

There are only two ways WWE can turn Cena heel successfully. Either turn Cena heel because he desperately wants the WWE championship back no matter what it takes. Or turn him heel because of all the hate he gets from fans despite everything he's done for the company.

Now I'll run down the two options and you guys can leave a comment on which you think is better and which would actually turn Cena into a successfull heel.


Cena's pursuit for the WWE championship:

It's Judgement Day 2010 and John Cena just failed to regain the WWE championship against Triple H in a intense contest between the two. Triple H attempts to shake Cena's hand to show sportsmanship. John Cena smiles and shakes his hand but than uses the same hand to pull Triple H against him to hit the attitude adjustment. Cena than performs the attitude adjustment again on Triple H but this time on steel steps.

The next night on Raw Cena says that he's sorry and that it'll never happen again, he was just frustrated. Cena says I'm not the bad guy. John Cena is once again contender for Triple H's WWE Championship but this time it's in a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules.

Triple H beats Cena to retain the WWE championship and Cena says "That's it, if I cant beat you for the title then I'll injure you." John Cena attacks Triple H once again but this time Triple H reverses with pedigree until Sheamus comes in and attacks Triple H.

Triple H hits the pedigree on Sheamus but as soon as he turns around Cena knocks him out with handcuffs. Cena and Triple H fight until they get to the parking lot. Cena handcuffs Triple H to a car. Cena then takes his own car and runs Triple H over. Everybody's shocked by what they had just seen. That night Cena gets an enormous  amount of heat by the fans and officially turns heel for the first time since 2003.

On Raw, Kofi Kingston tells Cena that what he did was wrong and was totally uncalled for. John Cena tells Kingston to shut the hell up and suggests Kingston gets out of his face before he suffers the same fate as Triple H. Later that night, Vince announces a big tournament for the WWE championship.

Cena beats his opponents with a whole different wrestling style and he also debuts a whole new move set. Cena soon recaptures gold and feuds with Kingston for the WWE championship. Their rivalry helps put Kingston over as a fan favourite and Cena finally earns some respect from the fans.


Too many haters:  It's Night of champions 2010, Triple H just beat John Cena and Sheamus to retain his WWE championship. This crowd is completely anti-Cena sort of One Night Stand 2006. After Cena loses, Sheamus bicycle kicks Cena in anger. He attempts to kick Triple H to but he ducks and they go back and forth until they leave the arena.

While Cena's getting up in frustration the crowds chanting "nanana, nanana hey hey hey you lost!" continuously. As Cena attempts to leave the ring a fan (OVW wrestler) from ringside gets in Cena's face and tells him that he sucks. Cena's facial expression completely changes and he punches the fan he takes him from ringside and hits the attitude adjustment on him.

Cena keeps on pounding on the fan until he bleeds and then hits the fan in the head with a steel chair. Cena leaves the bloody fan in the ring which ends the PPV. The next night on Raw Cena says that he's had enough of haters, if they don't like him then he doesn't like them and if anyone has the audacity to tell him he sucks, then he'll kick their ass like he did at Night of champions.

Two weeks later on Raw, a fan (OVW wrestler) actually jumps the barricade and gets all up in Cena's face telling him that he can't wrestle. Cena takes the microphone and knocks the fan out. Cena then performs the STF on the fan until the fan literally turns red.

The next Raw, Cena says "You know what, you haters think I can't wrestle? I bust my ass week in and week out just to entertain you but no that's not enough" "I didn't want to be the bad guy. You guys made me the bad guy!" " But whatever though, cause this Sunday at Summerslam I'm going to end this hating thing once and for all because I'm calling out any hater who has the balls to face me one on one and then we'll see who can't wrestle."

On Summerslam 2010, John Cena comes out to huge heat by everybody thus officially making him a heel. Cena says "Alright, I'm a man of my word." "Today I'm going to pick anybody from the crowd who wants to wrestle him." Cena picks a brave man from the audience to face him and says "So you think you can beat me, huh?" "Your one stupid fan."

The fan says "Everything that you just said was true except for the fact that I'm not a fan" The man reveals himself to be Bryan Danielson making his debut against Cena. Both men have a great match but Cena pins Danielson after the attitude adjustment. Cena attempts to attack Danielson with a steel chair but Danielson reverses it with the Danielson special.

In the process of their rivalry Cena becomes Raw's number one heel and Danielson gets over with the fans. Cena remains heel for couple more years which is when he starts losing haters and the fans actually start respecting Cena. 


My conclusion is that either way it's a win win situation. If it's because of the WWE championship than it turns Kofi Kingston into a bigger star than he already is and turns Cena into Raw's top heel.

If it's because of the fan situation than it helps a debuting Bryan Danielson get over with the fans and also turns Cena into Raw's top heel. Either way Cena's helping a younger star get over as a face and himself get over as a heel.

Which option do you like best?