Wrestlemania XXVI, The Undertaker, and What May or May Not Happen

Justin EricksonContributor IFebruary 2, 2010

Hello Bleacher Report readers! I come to you today a mixture of feedback and opinions regarding Sunday night's Royal Rumble, last night's episode of RAW, and the changes that have come regarding the Undertaker and Wrestlemania XXVI.

I begin with the Royal Rumble. I will leave out my opinions of the Pay Per View, as that is hardly what this article is about, but some events definitely happened that could potentially add or remove possible scenarios regarding who the Undertaker will face in March.

I have to start with the obvious:

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, returned to the WWE as the twenty-ninth entrant to the Royal Rumble match. Even more important than his return, was his winning the match. Whether this was predictable or not is irrelevant. What this means is that the overall landscape of the WWE has changed quite a bit, regarding the Undertaker.

Why has it changed? I suppose anyone could really list the reasons, but allow me to list some of the possibilities that Edge (and the WWE) has in front of him when it comes to who could face the Undertaker:

  1. Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Champion at Elimination Chamber, and Edge challenges him, once again, for the title, and to end the streak. (Please allow me to note that I find this to be unlikely. I will elaborate later when I recap Monday Night RAW)
  2. Chris Jericho wins the title at Elimination Chamber. Quite obviously, in my opinion, this would lead to Edge challenging him at Wrestlemania for his title. I believe this scenario is extremely likely, since WWE has already hinted strongly towards an Edge & Jericho feud. This would mean that neither Edge nor Jericho would face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Obviously, more scenarios than these could play out, but these are two that I find to be the most obvious.

Now, on to last night's edition of RAW.

The minute the show started, Edge's music hit, and the Rated-R Superstar came to the ring to address the WWE Universe. He gave his speech about he came back before he was supposed to and won the Rumble, but he also talked about who he might face at Wrestlemania.

Edge began by reminding everyone that he is a opportunist. And because of this, he realizes that challenging someone with a 17-0 record at Wrestlemania may not be the best idea for him. So he withheld a decision, and said he would wait until No Way Out. Edge also had a run-in with the WWE Champion, Sheamus, which opened up the possibility that Edge could face him at Wrestlemania too. (Of course, if there is a God, Sheamus will not make it to the grandest stage of them all bearing a title.)

The thing about RAW that made me go "hmm" about the Undertaker's Wrestlemania options was when Batista rushed out to Vince McMahon's defense at the end of the show.

Many are well aware of the Cena versus Batista rumor going around Wrestlemania, and I know I'm not the only one who had a light bulb go off when Batista came to the ring.

Put two and two together: Cena confronts Vince one week about Bret Hart. Batista defends Vince the following week. Whether we see a singles or tag match at Wrestlemania, I think we can safely count out John Cena and Dave Batista as opponents for the Undertaker this year.

Now, why did I go over all this? It's because I believed the two most likely opponents for the Undertaker this year were Chris Jericho and John Cena. However, if events play out like I see them playing out, neither of these can happen.

Two other superstars I could see facing the Undertaker this year are CM Punk, and Rey Mysterio. Both of these choices seem to be unreasonable, however, due to rumors of a Mask vs Hair match between these very two superstars to happen. Rumors that, in my opinion, seem to be more and more legitimate the more time goes on.

Now to the part which I hate to talk about: The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Opinions are split when it comes to HBK. It seems as though half of the IWC want to see a rematch, while half say "let it be."

My opinion? Dont tarnish a classic match with a rematch. We should leave things be regarding these two.

Of course, my sole opinion won't change anything. And after analyzing every other possible match-up for the Undertaker, it seems like this may be the most likely. Sure, Shawn Michaels did not win the rumble, which means he can't challenge for a title, but if Jericho wins the title at Elimination Chamber, which I think he will, then an Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels match becomes much more likely in my eyes.

So there we have it. There is no doubt the past few days have changed what I believed would happen with the Undertaker this year, but this how I see things right now.

As always, I ask for your opinions. Do you see something I don't? Do you think things will play out differently? Please leave your questions and comments below!