MY WrestleMania Picks...

Michael Null Contributor IFebruary 2, 2010

We are 54 days away from Wrestlemania 26, and while the road to Wrestlemania is beginning to be paved, I could not help myself by making a few predictions of what I feel may happen. So let's get in to here are the matches I predict. 

With all the drama between Vince and Brett, it is obvious that there will be some kind of battle between the two, but what kind, you ask? First of all, we know that these two will not wrestle; it is just not possible. So, I say what will happen, and here is who they pick.

Vince will pick Batista and Brett will go after none other than Cena. If you wonder how I came to this conclusion after watching Raw last night and seeing Batista help Vince handle Brett and last week Cena demanding Vince to invite Brett. Brett will pick Cena. It is hard to tell what will happen in this match, but I will go with Cena. 

As for the title matches, I cannot put my finger on whom the Undertaker will match-up with, and with the elimination chamber filled up on Raw with stars, I feel that Shemaus will not be champion. I think somehow Y2J will insert his self in to this match. After all, he is dying to be on Raw, and what better way but become a champion. With that happening, it wil set up Y2J vs Edge at Wrestlemania. 

With HBK once again failing to come through last night for a title shot, it is not clear to me who will face Undertaker if he is still champion, which I feel he will be. Since I am not able to narrow it down to one person, here are a few ideas. CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, or maybe some up and comer such as Drew Mclntyre. It is hard to tell who the deadman will face, but one fact remains: He will walk out with a win.

The friction between DX continues to escalate and with no sunshine in sight, I feel that it will only get worst. HBK and HHH have battled many different times in the past, but the way things are shaping up it looks as if HBK will be the heel this time. The only problem I will have with this match is if it is a normal match. I think they need to add something to it. 

Money in The Bank ladder matches have become a part of Wrestlemania. I really like this match; it is one of my favorites. Here is a list of who I think should be in it. Kofi, Shelton, Swagger, Bourne,Tatsu, Matt Hardy, MVP.

People who I do not think should be in this match is anybody over 7'0" and anybody who weighs 300-plus pounds because lets face it folks these guys are not climbing a ladder to win it. I would mark out hard if Hardy won, but that would never happen, so my pick for this match will be Kofi. If his push continues, this could be his year.

Another group that is looking to be ending soon is Legacy. I'm not sure exactly how this one will work, but I do see all three guys in a match together—maybe a fatal four way for a belt or something to that effect. I also think it could be a handicap match, two on one, so that Cody and Ted could get some revenge. I do see something happening here, I'm just not 100 percent sure yet.

Those are my picks now I know I didn't add a ECW, IC, US, or tag title match and the reason for this is because we never get one when there should be one. These belts are nothing more than after thoughts to the WWE it's sad, I know, but that's the way things are.  

This was just a prediction of what I see happening at Mania; who knows if I will be right or not. Only time can tell.