My City Rocks: Downers Grove, Illinois

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 30, 2008

If you can't tell from the picture, my town, Downers Grove, is that red spot there.

Now, on to why my town rocks, kicks ass, any way you want to say that my town is the best out there.

First of all, we have two, not one, two Facebook groups about why our town rocks. (You Know You're From Downers Grove If... and Yea I Live In Downers Grove)

The Downers Grove North Trojans (yes, we snicker when we say it too) won the State Football Championship a few years ago, and now, we suck at football.

Also, we have the perennial Girls Badminton State Champions at DGN, you can't beat our girls.

You want a cheap date, take your girl to the Classic Car Show every week in the summer on Main Street.  Also, our main street is Main Street.

You could head to the Tivoli Movie Theatre or go downstairs to the Tivoli Bowl then head over to Caribou Coffee or, if you are lazy, to the Starbucks right across the street because it's closer.

Plus, how many places can say that they have a book set in their town.

If I see any articles saying why Naperville rocks, I might just have to throw down.

You want an expensive date, go to Heritage Fest, but don't worry about that now, it just happened last weekend.

We all love Ron Sandack, the mayor, and our streets are just horrible, don't drive down Prarie, there are more holes on that street than in Swiss cheese.

Don't forget to vote for the new flavor at Every Day's a Sundae, it's a life or death thing here.

I know that this article jumps around like no article you have ever read before, but that's what makes it great, just like Downers Grove.

P.S. We know there it's supposed to be Downer's not Downers, but it's been that way for years and we aren't changing.

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for, a Chicago Cubs blog.