Former Cornhusker & Current World Cup Gold Medalist Talks 2010 Olympics

Robert Rees@therobertreesContributor IIFebruary 2, 2010

Used with permission from "The Sports Piece" presented by Global Data Finder.

Curt Tomasevicz from the U.S.A. Bobsledding team came on the show. Below is a brief summary of the podcast.

How did you get into bobsledding from playing college football?

He wanted to stay in shape while going through graduate school and asked a trainer for a good program. He got hooked up with a female bobsledder who used to be a track runner. While training with her, he was asked to join the bobsled team, then gradually moved up to the World Cup Team. Then he made the USA Two team, and got selected to go to the 2006 Olympics where they finished sixth. (USA One team placed seventh)

Other former athletes tried to get into bobsledding, you have done it. What has helped you excel at this compared to other athletes?

It's not just size and strength; it's also how efficiently you move the sled.

Were there things in you childhood that may have helped you?

Not really physically, but mentally, maybe. I had a job at a young age, and knew I had to be mentally strong to get ahead. I also had good coaches growing up who taught me how to hustle.

Tell us about the year after the Olympic Year.

In 2007, I was promoted to USA One, and we won gold at the World Cup, and we just won in 2009 as well.

Where does USA stand worldwide?

The Germans have great teams, and we are good. Then Canada is also good.

Tell us about what you do leading up to the Olympics.

He explained where they train and the time frame they can do so. He is part of the two-man and four-man team.

What did you do with the metals?

We're on the road seven-to-eleven months a year, so I just leave all my stuff at my parents house until I stop doing this and can get a place of my own.

You're the brakeman; explain how that works. What do you do?

Push, then hit the brakes when we cross the finish line.

Is there a special order in the four-man?

It's based on size for aerodynamics and a little bit based on speed and strength.

How much do you focus on aerodynamics?

A LOT! We recently went to Hendricks Motor to use their wind machine. We tried different helmets and seating positions.

How do you make a living?

We just accept donations and sponsors pay us. I get about enough to pay for my bills but no more.

How can people support you in this?

TOMASEVICZ@HOTMAIL.COM is my personal e-mail. Contact me to send me a donation, and remember it's tax deductible.

What was your experience like in the first Olympics?

I had only been bobsledding for a year-and-a-half, and everything seemed like it went very quickly. This time I know what to expect so I hope my previous experience will help me out.

What is the difference from playing on the football field and the Olympic experience?

They're very similar in the electricity when you come down the tunnel. The difference is that the fans cheer for every team and country that comes out.

How is it with the competition?

It is very friendly. It's not really like "Cool Runnings" where there's animosity towards each other.

What is the Olympic Village like?

Dorm living, but the nicest facilities.

Do you have a roommate?

Yes, sometimes two.

Who is the easiest to replace, pilot or brakemen?

The Brakeman. To be a pilot, you need years of experience.

Do you want to be a pilot or stay as brakeman?

I've already done half a season as the pilot and would like to get better at that.

What can fans expect when they go to the Olympics?

It's a very up-close sport. Fans are close enough they could touch a bobsledder as they go by (you just shouldn't do that!).

We want to thank Curt for coming on the podcast with us and good luck to him and team USA in the Winter Olympics!

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