Mayweather Has a Point About Pacquiao.

Clifford NadeauContributor IFebruary 1, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 19:  Manny Pacquiao poses for photos at Cowboys Stadium on January 19, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

You are about to hear a statement that people who know me personally will probably slap me for: Floyd has a point!

After reading a recent blurb from Floyd Mayweather Jr on, I have to say that he has a point.  Floyd stated that what normal people don’t know, you don’t start your carrer normally being and ordinary fighter and once you get over the age of 25 you become an extraordinary fighter.

I would have to agree with him to an extent but I understand his worries.  Boxers do progress skill wise as they age, which only makes sense.  No matter what your profession you’re in, the longer you do it, normally you get better.  But with physical sports, it is only true to an extent.  At a certain point, age stops you from becoming a better physically.  This is not to say you cant become better mentally, but physically you start loosing it. 


As the great George Forman once said: “As a fighter, the last thing to go is your power”.  As Manny gets older not only does he get more powerful, but he gets faster.  This isn’t the norm.  But to say Manny Pacquiao is normal is like saying the world is flat. 

Pacquiao is an enigma in boxing.  He is what is great about boxing, but also what could be bad.  He has never been caught cheating nor has anyone ever suggested it until Mayweather Sr spoke up.  But it does make you wonder how a man who started about at 107 pounds is now taking Welterweights apart with such ease.  In my eyes, Manny is a hell of a boxer with probably the greatest trainer of this generation.  As I have watched Pacman move up through weight classes with ease and taking out the who’s who of boxing while doing so.

Floyd on the other hand, has never lost, never been caught cheating or even been charged of such an offense.  He has always been a great fighter.  Maybe that’s the issue though.  Maybe Floyd doesn’t understand how it is possible.  He has always had a natural talent.  Boxing is in his blood and soul. 


Where Pacman was brought up in the slums of the Philippines and was known a brawler when he first burst into the American boxing scene.  A rugged little man who didn’t care who he fought or how much punishment he took.  And he seemed to get better and better… while he was under the tutelage of Freddy Roach.

The more I write it makes me wonder even more.  Does a trainer make a difference?  I think it does, but not like that.  He has a natural talent to fight, but in the Cotto fight, he took some serious shots and walked right through them.  And let me tell you this, Cotto may have a questionable chin, but he can hit and hit HARD.  How does a man who started his career just barely over 100 pounds take shots from a guy who walks around at 160+ pounds when not training for fights?  That makes no sense to me.

To wrap this rant up, let me just say that Floyd is possibly one of the best boxer’s skill wise to have ever lived.  Pacquiao is probably the most exciting fighter I have ever seen my short life of 28 years.  One thing is for certain, they will fight sooner or later.  They don’t need to fight each other to prove they are good, but they do need to fight for us fans.