Monday's Moron: Marshawn Lynch's Long Story

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Well here we are, the beginning of it all, opening night. We begin with someone who was ridding high, sitting pretty, and amusing fantasy owners with his potential.

But as of late, Marshawn Lynch has had his stock, reputation, and credibility take a hit with his hit-and-run incident.

Now, I can understand him having this accident. I mean, it was around 3:00 AM, he most likely was under the influence, and probably was out of it. But what really kills me is the fact that Marshawn waited until three weeks after the accident to admit to it.

I mean, I'm sure he knows the fact that if he did in fact hit a person, that they would have went to the police by now, and he remained silent on the topic, even with reporters heckling him about it everyday.

What drives a person to just deny a crime like that when everyone knows he did it? I mean, we knew he did it, and he knew he did it, so what's holding him back from confessing? Is he just that stupid? Does he think the media will forget about it? Does he think it will just blow over?

What's weird is the fact that he's been a model NFL player up until now, so it just makes me wonder even more why he's done this.

So, just as we think the story is behind us, as Lynch pleads guilty to hitting the woman, he comes out with this little nugget. He states that he "didn't know that he hit a person."

Now, just from my one year of driving, I'm almost certain that if I hit someone, I would know that I did. How in the world do you not know if you hit someone? Did he think there was a deer running through the city at three in the morning?

I'm not sure, but this has to go down as one of the most boneheaded things I've seen in this past year. Hopefully he works his life out and doesn't become a repeat offender.

There has been a trend of NFL players getting caught up with the law, and then it repeats itself. Players are struggling, but we are not seeing the signs soon enough. I really think that the NFL should be makings some strides with these players who have struggles with the law. They see no hope, and they continue to make these rash decisions.

With as much money as the NFL has, it is not out of the question for them to throw some money out and help these players from throwing their lives away.