What Has The Budweiser Shootout Become Of These Days?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 1, 2010

The Budweiser Shootout is suppose to be.. Well what is the Bud shootout suppose to be these days folks? Until 2009, the Bud Shootout was an exibition race between drivers who had won a pole the year before and former shootout/Sprint Cup champions. The Budweiser shootout was rich in history and the racing was great because all the guys had to earn their spot into the race on qualifying day thus making this race an unique and diffrent race from the Sprint All-Star Challenege that happens in May. Yea thats what the race use to be but now, well heck I dont even know what this race even is anymore except a cheap knockoff from the All-Star race and that it happens in Daytona.

The new rules have it where you can get into the race one of three ways, either you made the previous year's chase for the cup field, you have won a championship, or you have won a race at Daytona before. These rule changes let just about anybody in the damn field heck Ken Schrader who hasn't ran a full season since 2007 is getting in the race thanks to a deal with Red Bull racing. This is not the same race I grew up to watching, where's the prestige and glory of qualifying now besides getting a little check and your picture taken before a Coors Light sign?

I love NASCAR very much but damn it we need a race just for the pole winners like the Bud Shootout use to be, I mean come on can you really tell me that Michael Waltrip or Ken Schrader deserves to be in this race on Saturday? I dont think so.

So now it comes down to Saturday Night and for people to tune into the 1st race of the 2010 season, yes I know the racing will be great like it always is at Daytona, but will you truly enjoy like you use to in years past? I know I won't because the race has lost it prestige and it all most a free practice session for the Duels and the Daytona 500 itself so enjoy it I guess but lets hope we see an all-star race for pole winners agian someday.

Oh by the way one more thing, here is something to think about, what happens if the race is rained out, when do they run the race?