BCS Bowl Predictions: Did Your Team Get In?

David HouserCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Let's start by saying I believe this year will be one of the most interesting years of the BCS.  By the end of the year there could be numerous one-loss teams with none undefeated, once again causing the sparks to fly around the effectiveness of the BCS.

Well, let's just dive right in on how these bowls might take shape.


The Rose Bowl

Ohio State (11-1) vs Arizona State (10-2)

OSU wins against a tough ASU team.


The Sugar Bowl

Florida (11-2) vs BYU (12-0)

Another non-BCS team for the SEC to beat up on. Florida wins big.


Fiesta Bowl

West Virginia (10-2) vs Oklahoma (11-2)

In a bowl rematch, the Sooners get back even.


The Orange Bowl

Clemson (10-3) vs Penn State (10-2)

Penn State squeaks out a win, giving the Big Ten a 2-0 BCS Bowl record.


BCS National Championship Game

Georgia (12-1) vs USC (12-0)

This MIGHT be the best Trojan team since the Bush days, which for USC seems like a long time.  The proof that the SEC might not be as powerful as everyone thinks. USC wins.


Final Rankings

No. 1: USC (13-0)

No. 2: Ohio State (12-1)

No. 3: Georgia (12-2)

No. 4: Penn State (11-2)

No. 5: Florida (12-2)

No. 6: Oklahoma (12-2)

No. 7: West Virginia (11-3)

No. 8: Arizona State (10-3)

No. 9: BYU (12-1)

No. 10: Clemson (10-4)