Why The 9-10 Georgia Dawgs Are Postseason Material

Mike FosterCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

Georgia's current SEC record under Mark Fox fell to 1-5 on Saturday following a 78-77 heartbreaker vs. South Carolina.

Compare that to Georgia's SEC starts in the past five seasons and you might feel like this team has declined. However, Georgia basketball fans are confident that this team has improved into a tournament worthy group.

Their record is less than impressive. However, if you take into account the maturation this team has shown in such a short amount of time you might realize just how dangerous this team has become.

And dangerous usually translates to effective.

Georgia could not compete in an SEC game last year. They were blown out of the building in almost all of their SEC losses, and only recorded three conference wins.

Georgia would have to get a huge amount of minutes in all of those losses back if they were to turn things around a year ago.

However, so far this season Georgia is only a few bad minutes away from being 5-1 in the SEC and 12-7 overall. In the other minutes Georgia has looked like the better team, and that is against opponents like Kentucky, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and an upstart South Carolina team.

I know.

This makes me the "Coulda Shoulda Woulda" monster. But Mark Fox has turned this team into an ultra competitive one one that was a missed free throw away from winning on Saturday.

One that was a playground inbound pass away from winning against Mississippi, blew a 13 point lead with four minutes to go against Mississippi State, and nearly defeated basketball giant Kentucky.

Georgia fans are content with this. Georgia fans are also confident that this team will be going places in the near future.

It's interesting that this elevation of Georgia basketball follows Georgia's worst football season since 2001. Fans found it a little bit easier to focus on something rather than football for once.

Georgia basketball defeated Georgia Tech. People noticed. All of a sudden the Stegeman Coliseum was sold out.

Sold out?

For a losing team?


Georgia might be 9-10, but they have made for grade-A television during their seemingly terrible 1-5 stretch.

However they have wins vs. Illinois, Georgia Tech, and Tennessee.

Their overall opponents' record for the year is astoundingly good, and Georgia's RPI was actually at 68 as of Friday.

Just think where it would be had they not lost those close games.


That's tournament material.

Georgia is a few sloppy minutes away from being tournament material, and coming into the year we thought they were light years away from such a feat.

And who can honestly say they get bored with this team?

Have you seen them play?

Howard "Trey" Thompkins is the most complete player we have had for years. His inside game and outside game is dominant.

Travis Leslie has compiled a portfolio of Youtube dunks, five alone in his last game.

Georgia may not be NCAA Tournament worthy yet.

But, I think they are prime NIT material, and even have a shot at running the table in the SEC tournament.


We've done that before.

If I had to choose to watch a Georgia basketball replay or a Georgia football replay from 2009, I would hands down choose one of their last seven games.

Who can argue with that?