Why The WWE Product Isn't As Good As It Used To Be: Part 2

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIFebruary 1, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
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If you haven't read part 1, you should because there are quite a few references to it in this part and you may find it hard to follow.


6) Ridiculous Gimmick PPV's

You ll know what I'm talking about here: Hell in a Cell, TLC, ect. In my opinion, these ppv's are killing gimmick matches in the WWE.

While I think Breaking Point is acceptable as there are never many submission matches in WWE any way, the rest are just ridiculous.

For example, look at Hell in a Cell, you had three HIAC matches on one card with no blood allowed, minimal weapon usage and not many 'wow' moments. When I think about great HIAC matches like Taker-Edge and Armageddon 2000, I think it is disgraceful the HIAC matches we were subjected to last year.

It is very much the same case with the Ladder/Table/Chair/ TLC matches last December. Edge must have been cringing in his chair while watching. While some of the matches were quite good, they were poor in comparison to previous TLC matches.


7)(a) Lack of Divas/ Tag Division

I'm definately not alone on this one. When I remember the great matches between Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Victoria ect I just feel depressed watching the divas in WWE today. While Smackdown makes some effort, RAW is just pathetic.

WWE have some phenomenal athletes in the divas division: Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, McCool, Kim, Maryse, Melina and Natalya, WWE continuously fails to give us some quality divas matches.

Just because they're women, doesn't mean they can't take bumps or participate in gimmick matches(within reason). WWE should really take a leaf out of TNA's book and push their divas division like TNA did with their Knockouts last year.


Again, its the same story with the tag division. It's almost like WWE have no faith in tag teams anymore. Cryme Tyme, The Hart Dynasty and Straight Edge Society are the only tag teams in WWE with any chance of getting the gold. Jerishow are gone with Legacy and DX likely following soon.

Think back maybe 5 years ago. You had the Hardyz, Dudley Boyz, Los Guerreros, Worlds Greatest Tag Team, 3 Minute Warning, Evolution, Kane & RVD, Booker T & Goldust and more recently Carlito and Primo and Miz & Morrisson.

Jerishow kept the Tag Division on life support but it is almost  dead these days. If WWE has some rabbits in some hat somewhere, pull it out now before its too late.


7)(b)No More Uni-Brand PPV's

Remember when Raw had there own PPV's(Backlash, Badd Blood, Unforgiven, NYR and Cyber Sunday/Tabboo Tuesday) and so did Smackdown?( No Way Out, Judgement Day, Vengeance, No Mercy, Armageddon) 

While buyrates may not have been fantastic, the product was good. There was roughly 8 weeks between each brands PPV, which gave plenty of time to build rivalries, hype matches and sell the PPV.

More importantly, it gave mid-card talent a chance to shine. Nowadays, most mid card talent are just glorified jobbers to the main eventers.

This could be one of the main reasons why the WWE product isn't on par with previous years.


8) Bad Decision Making

Everyone knows wat I'm talking about here: the WWE creative team making ridicuous decisions and trying to shock us(which they do - at how stupid they make themselves look)

For example, remember when Mike Adamle was in charge of Raw(a poor decision in itself) and Kane was carrying around a bag? Well the obvious and logical decision would have see Kane don his mask again and we may have seen the rebirth of the Big Red Monster

Enter the WWE Creative Team. What do they do? They pull a swerve and give us a ridiculous mini feud between 619 and Kane.

They seemed to think that everyone could see the masking of Kane coming, which some could. But they seemed to forget that at least half the audience didn't. I would much rather have seen Kane don his mask than that stupid 'storyline' we all had to put up with.

Again, referring to part 1, WWE had the chance to use Ric Flair as an on air character, possibly managing Kofi Kingston, Morrisson or Sheamas(as they all need help on the mic) but no, they leave him at home for six months and are surprised when he turns up in WCW Take Two.

I'm not even going to talk about the WWE deciding to retire the Cruiserweight belt. Lets just hope they bring it back with their new show replacing ECW, WWE NXT

9) Lack of Faith

When I say lack of faith, I mean in young stars. Go back 4 years, we had established stars- HHH, HBK, Y2J, Taker, Angle ect. But we also had rising stars like Cena, Orton, Batista, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Benjamin ect.

Now we have rising stars like Kofi, Miz, Morrisson, McIntyre, Christian, Sheamas and MVP. But once again, most of these stars pushes stalled. By this stage, Kofi should be in the main event scene on Raw along with MVP and Miz. Sheamas should only be in the US Title picture(again, down to bad decisions) along with Chavo, Masters , Carlito,  Primo and Evan Bourne.

On Smackdown, Morrisson should be in the title scene along with Benjamin, Matt Hardy and Christian. For the moment, McIntyre is fine where he is.

They could then throw in 1 or 2 veteran - new kid on the block feuds to give guys the rub if needs be. 


10) Fear

In my opinion, the biggest problem in WWE today: the fear of VKM. Everyone in the company knows that one mistake under Vinces nose and you'll most likely be fired.

It has now gotten to the stage where the creative team shit themselves when a new idea is pitched to VKM because if he doesn't like it, he gets moody which usually means somebody is in for it.

VKM has now got the final word on everything and he might as well fire the entire creative team and pitch his ideas to the mirror and just accept them all. It is not healthy for business when people hired for a specific job are frightened to do it properly because of there boss' supersized ego.

If Vince doesnt scale back his creative dominance soon, than it will only encourage the new WCW to knock the Juggernaut off its almighty perch.



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