Man United Destroys Arsenal: Bewildering Scenario

Robin SAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2010

As expected, Arsenal was out-gunned by Man United on its home turf and all but drained the self-esteem and the newfound confidence among the Arsenal supporters.

If Sunday's performance is anything to go by, then Arsene Wenger seriously needs to think about bolstering his squad with "men" instead of boys to give any chance for winning silverware in the foreseeable future.

To begin,  Denilson is just a squad player and he really doesn't deserve a place in the Arsenal line-up. As the pundits says: "He's lightweight." Most of the fans would agree with this criticism and rightly so.

But this season, he surprisingly started featuring in the score-sheets, never mention that most of his goals were deflected and this has confused the flocks: whether to call him "Boy" or "Deflec-son."

This "Boy" or "Deflec-son," was seeking revenge against Man United, in fact against Patrice Evra for his "infamous" opinion immediately after last year's Champions League semi-final triumph over Arsenal that it was "Men against boys (Denilson)."

 “I ­remember the comment. We are not boys. We have learned, and we are stronger. Now we just want the three points on ­Sunday. One-nil, two-nil – it doesn’t matter how, said Denilson before the crucial game against Man United on Sunday.

The rest is history.

It wasn't one-nil or two-nil, you know that. Denilson proved his "strength" with one of his best performances against Man United.  He's going to become the next big thing in the defensive-midfield role and set to redefine the position to something called Denilson-Midfield instead of Defensive.

Thankfully Arsenal has one of the best goalkeepers in the world: Manuel Almunia or simply Aluminium as supporters affectionately call him. He is one of the best and you can't get any better when it comes to acrobatic jumps and skillful flaps. His positioning is second to none. He's renowned for his superb goal-kicks, which usually end up in the opposite penalty box; he occasionally even scores with them.

Almunia is surely set to win the "FIFA World Player Award" in the forthcoming year.

We have to thank Wenger for deciding to replace Lehmann with this proficient goalkeeper. If Almunia continues in the same manner, then it's better not to have a goalkeeper at all.

First goal is crucial when you play against big teams. Nani's goal could have been stopped, but Almunia tried a wonderful,outlandish acrobatic dive but with his poor positioning, he could only succeed in palming the ball into his own net.

Rookie keeper Vito Mannone's heroics at Craven Cottage was widely appreciated but he never got any noteworthy opportunities of late.

This is were I have to contradict with Monsieur Wenger. He's just sticking with his stubbornness and never bothered about the team and the loyal supporters. He wants to prove that success can be achieved with his "boys" and even when cash is available he's reluctant to spend a single penny.

Wenger's not ready to accept his mistakes and never willing to rectify himself. Arsenal lacked serious quality and even the most pessimistic fans thought that Wenger is surely going to sign somebody with a big reputation and experience under his belt, but he went for ultra-experience by re-signing Campbell who's well past his prime.

At least he could have signed Victor Mosses from Crystal Palace for a bargain price, who has gone to Wigan today for peanuts.

With due respect to Wenger, I must accept the fact that it's time for him to step down. I know Wenger is a legend, a truly dedicated manager with never ending ambitions and a man capable of producing "the invincibles."

But, what have you done for me lately?

I don't want a manager who's not willing to accept the reality and reluctant to spend the cash, when you have it. What can you say when your manager feels an injured player coming back will be like a new signing?

If that is the case, then we no longer need any tranfer windows. Whenever you need new players, simply get your own players injured and when they, returns it's a new signing!

Arsenal's ever-growing injury list is baffling. Most of the first team players are injury prone and many often get injured after every other month. The manager investigated this matter but the reason is still bewildering.

Not a good sign for the club.

After the 1-3 defeat to Man United, Arsenal boss Wenger said, “We were naive. We were never close in our marking, and you do not win big games like that."

Wegner continued, “It’s difficult to accept but easy to explain: we were poor defensively and offensively, cohesion-wise, and delivered an off the mark performance completely. It’s a massive disappointment for us. There were massive individual errors."

It's easier for him to explain, but why does Arsenal always deliver an off the mark performance whenever they play big teams?

If you can't win the big games, then how can you win the league? If you can't win the league, then how can you even dream about conquering Europe?

When Wenger came to London, the situation was far simpler with less competition from other teams. He imparted a new system and inculcated a pretty attractive style of football into his team which many others simply replicated, but now the competition is stiff and you have to act wisley to survive.

Many teams have emerged as the title contenders over the years; however, you can't go a step or two backwards when other teams are closing the gap on you. It's suicidal .

Another defeat next week, coupled with wins for Man City, Liverpool, and Tottenham, could see Arsenal being relegated to fighting for a place in next season’s Champions League.

Arsenal would go to fortress Stamford Bridge next week and who would bet on an Arsenal win after yesterday's lacklustre performance? It might well be a five-nil or six-nil humiliation awaiting Arsenal in the most vital game of the seaon after the home defeat.

Only one person can be optimistic about an Arsenal win in the next fixture. That man is  Sir Alex Ferguson and understandably so.

Ferguson was euphoric after a massive win. He said, "I hope Arsenal goes to Stamford Bridge next Sunday and batters them. But I hope they can get some of these points off them that we hope Chelsea drop."

An Arsenal win next week will be nothing but a miracle.

I know a handful of loyal supporters would surely contradict me but reality really bites. I want Arsenal to win the league and if possible, a Champions League wouldn't be bad either.

But I can't see Wenger delivering the same unless he opts for altering his mysterious transfer activities. He must also realize the importance of strength and physical play in football.

After the recent humiliation, Wenger also admitted that it would take "something special" for them to get back in the title race. Who can deliver that?

Even some of the Arsenal's best players,  like Clichy, is finding it extremely difficult to handle the pressure. Even though you can argue that his dip in form owes much to the injury, you can't claim he's inexperienced to overcome that.

If it goes like this without any trophy, surely Arsenal's most worthy possession, Cesc Fabregas, would go to Barcelona in the near future and Wenger would use that cash to buy an aircraft for himself in which he will fly back to France.






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