Matt Hardy- A WWE Superstar That Needs A Push

Brittany AnsteadContributor IFebruary 1, 2010

This is my first article so try not to bash it so much (although I am open to criticism).  I am writing this article to show how much I appreciate the WWE superstar that is Matt Hardy.  He is one half of one of the most extreme tag teams ever and an incredible singles-division wrestler. He is a multiple time World Tag Champ, 1-time WWE Tag Team Champ (w/MVP), US Champ, ECW Champ, European Champ, Hardcore Champ, and Cruiserweight Champ.  He also had two memorable gimmicks: Matt Hardy Version 1, and the "I Will Not Die" persona.

When Matt first started wrestling, he started as a jobber and pretty soon he became one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the WWF/E.  Alongside his younger brother Jeff, they quickly became one of the most daredevil tag teams to ever get in a WWE ring: The Hardy Boyz.  Soon after The Hardyz were broken up and placed on different shows (sorry but I can't remember the show names).

As part of the 2008 WWE Draft, Matt was drafted to ECW and Jeff was drafted to Smackdown.  When Matt was on ECW, many fans saw this as Matt's time to shine. 

And it was. 

He won a championship scramble to capture his first ECW championship.  While he was ECW champion, he carried ECW and made it a show that was worthy of being considered part of the WWE.  When Matt lost the ECW title at the 2008 Royal Rumble, we later saw him betray Jeff and turn into the heel that was responsible for every bad thing that happened to Jeff (car crash, house fire, pyro accident, etc.).  This was a feud that saw the brothers put on grudge matches with Matt winning the majority of these until Jeff broke Matt's arm at Backlash 2009 and ultimately putting a cap on their rivalry.

Later in 2009, when Matt was sent to Raw as part of the draft, he put on matches that were not the best he had put on in years.  Then when the 15-superstar Trump trade happened, Matt was sent to Smackdown where he was turned into a face that would end up saving Jeff and John Morrison from an after-match attack (to people that don't know Jeff fought the Hart Dynasty in a handicap match and lost...then Punk came out, JoMo ran out, and Matt was the last out to save the day). 

Since then, Matt has not really done much lately thanks to the jerks in the creative team (although some people would be quick to say that it has something to do with his most recent surgery and I think it may be his latest surgery too).

The only matches Matt has been in lately were against CM Punk, Batista, Escobar (gone and forgotten), Gallows, and now he is in a tag team with The Great Khali.  After seeing him in the Royal Rumble match for this year, it is sort of clear to me that Vince may be torturing Matt (though some people believe it is because of some things that Jeff has done) by leaving him stuck in mid-card hell, but I still say let him have the World Heavyweight Championship/WWE Championship before he has to leave for good or let him have the Intercontinental Championship (the three belts that he has yet to hold so that way he can be known as the one wrestler in WWE's history that has held every belt in the WWE).

I hope 2010 will be Matt's year.  He deserves a push just like the way people thought Jeff deserved one.  Please make it happen soon Vince/WWE.