A Rumbling Start: Phoenix Rises, DX & Legacy Splits?, Edge Wins!

Miss AnnieAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2010

This is not a recap. So if you’re looking for blow-by-blows, sorry.  

The Royal Rumble is the first PPV of the year, and no doubt that things that takes place on this night will have a huge impact, especially for the events in the next couple of months on the road to WrestleMania.

But I have to say, the story of the night are probably the ones involving two groups, and a returning Superstar.  That being Degeneration-X, Legacy,the Rated-R Superstar – Edge, and one Extraordinary Diva.

Let’s start with the most obvious.  Beth Phoenix.  I was surprised when she entered the Rumble as entry no. 6.  She didn’t last long though, which is disappointing.  The way she eliminated Khali wasn’t the way I’d have chosen it either.  True, she used her being a woman to her advantage, but I’d rather it be a show of her power and physical prowess.

I also would’ve liked to see her in there longer.  But, from what I read at the WWE website, there’s hope that this won’t be her last appearance at a Rumble.  Beth even talked about how she was much better than Chyna at her prime. Well, I wouldn’t say as much, but she’s got time to prove it.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of Beth doing this kind of stuff, because we all know it’s a better use of her talents than being stuck at the women’s division.


Next is DX. Degeneration-X has been reincarnated and disbanded so many times before.  This version of DX has had a lot of criticisms from some members of the ICW. (Although, I don’t have a problem with it myself.)  Anyway, with what happened, I could say this spells the end for them (again).

Undertaker is set on not facing Shawn again, and the Rumble was Shawn’s only chance before WM.  By the way things are going, it looks like he’s going to become a heel and I for one am really excited for this.  I would really rather have HHH vs. HBK at WM, than HBK vs. Taker again.

Since, Shawn essentially betraying Hunter, SCM-ing him out of the ring over the top rope after Hunter saved him; that after they had that little chit-chat in the locker room with Shawn saying there’s no one else he’d rather see at the other side of the ring at the end of the Rumble than HHH—it looks like I’m going to get my wish.

Well, I sure hope it’s not going to be Sheamus vs HHH at Wrestlemania like what I’ve been hearing lately.


The second group is Randy and The Legacy.  It has been brewing for a while now but I didn’t think it would drop like that, to be honest. 

Well, I’m not very happy that Sheamus won, of course. You have to know where my loyalty lies by now.  But setting my personal feelings aside, I would concede and say it was a fair decision to let Sheamus retain.  The win coming through DQ does not diminish the fact that Randy is still the top heel, and could’ve won the match by himself.  It was a narrow escape for Sheamus.

                Now, where does this go now? At the end of the match, Randy screamed at his Legacy brethren something like, “You’re done! You screwed it up!” So, if that’s not a clear indication that Randy’s done with Legacy, I don’t know what is.

                WWE.com’s recap on this is quite interesting.  They still build up the idea that Sheamus escaped Randy this time but that “there’s no doubt that the fangs are now out.”  Who the victim/s of The Viper would be in the next episodes are still a bit unclear.

                Randy could still go after Sheamus, but where does that put Ted and Cody if he’s finished with them? I think it would be too much to have to deal with all three of them at the same time, although that would be pretty interesting to see. 

If they pursue a break-up feud with Legacy and Randy instead of going after Sheamus though, I really would rather have it be a three-way feud, just to give equal pushes to Ted and Cody. There’s still 50+ days before Wrestlemania and they could build this up really good until then, and it won’t even matter if Randy wins back the title at Elimination Chamber or not although, personally I’d love for him to win.


Surprise Entry No. 29 The Rated-R Superstar EDGE!

There’s been months and months of speculation whether he’ll be back in time for the Royal Rumble or not.  And really, not having heard from him in the weeks prior to the Rumble completely made me believe he wasn’t going to show.  This was a pleasant and very welcome surprise though.  Way to go WWE!

                Let me tell you, I was so excited to see him I had to make a phone call to my friend who just loves him so much and scream at her about Edge’s return.

                Anyway, now that he’s back and set to headline Wrestlemania, I have to ask who he is going to be facing for the title.  Is he still set to become a face and feud with Jericho?  Or will he be going after one of the Champions now?

                When he was in that ring, when there was just him and Cena left, I think I saw a semblance of his heel-self (seething by the ropes, pulling at his hair, waiting for the opportune moment, etc.) so I’m not sure if he’s still turning face.  Anyway, like I said, there’s 50+ days still before Wrestlemania so there’s plenty of time to turn him into anything.

                For now, I’m just happy he’s back.

                Long shot, but, Edge’s win means he can show up on any show, right? What about bringing back Rated-RKO even just for a bit?  Rated-RKO vs. Legacy…Randy and Edge can give Ted and Cody something to think about.