You Don't Know What Your Missing

Michael McGowanSenior Analyst IJanuary 31, 2010

The 2010 World Cup is right around the corner.  What will you be doing that month?  Missing the greatest sporting event in the World? 

What is the most popular sport in the World?  What is the most popular sporting event in the world?  If you say Football and The Super Bowl, then your almost half right.  Futbol and the Champions League would be the answers.  According to a Survey by Futures Sport and Entertainment, the Super Bowl has been replaced by the Champions League Final as the biggest sporting event of the year.  The whole world is watching and most Americans can't even give it a try. 

Today I watched Manchester United expolde and win a game 3-1 vs Arsenal in an English Premier league match.  But according to Americans, there is no scoring in soccer.  It is boring.  The game went back and forth on the offensive side of the ball with shot after shot.  Wayne Rooney, a forward for both Machester United and England's World Cup team, played 90 minutes of hard fought soccer.   He was going full speed even up 2 and 3 goals late in the game.  Soccer is a real sport that doesn't stop.  Its full speed the whole game and you never get a break. 

This summer, the 2010 World Cup will come to us live on ESPN.  ESPN is finally seeing a great opportunity to show soccer off to our country.  Will you take the bait? 

The World Cup is a tournament that almost every team who has qualified can win.  It is just like the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament knows as March Madness.  The excitement starts in the group stage, or round one and does not stop until well after the final.  As more and more Americans give soccer a chance, they realize what they have been missing.  It is time to give soccer a chance and stop being so ignorant. 

John Marks, a Radio Host for 950 ESPN Radio in Philadelphia, hangs up on whoever calls to talk about Soccer.  It is that kind of ignorant attitude which make other countries hate us.  His pitiful approach to being funny is just another display of our countries ignorance.  He is not even judging the book by its cover, he's never even seen the book.  So many people have attitudes similar to this.  But if you only knew how many soccer fans were world wide, then maybe you would give it a chance too.

Give the worlds greatest athletes a chance.