Senior Bowl Tidbits And Moments That I Found Interesting and Amusing

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2010

Larry Burton (Mobile, Al.) Yesterday's Senior Bowl in Mobile opened my eyes to a lot of entertaining things. The picture you see with the article was just one of them. A honeymoon couple were at the game. They were just married yesterday and he convinced her to sit in the cold on metal bleachers and watch a football game.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh......... She's a cute girl that suddenly got even prettier with an attitude like that. Eat your hearts outs single sports guys.

They say Terrence Cody may not have a lot of energy with all that weight, but I can tell you otherwise. It tickled us up in the press box to watch Cody sprint from the bench 50 yards onto the field to give fellow Crimson Tider Javier Arenas a big hug following a great punt return that ended up getting called back with an away from the play holding call.

The game was a complete sell out with just over 40,600 present. They were all mostly Southerners. It was a cold day and by the start of the forth quarter, the stands were half empty. I think it had more to do with the 31-13 score than the cold.

Something needs to be done about the timing of Mardi Gras and the Senior Bowl. Two big events shouldn't butt heads. Leaving the stadium was difficult because of the Mardi Gras barricades that were put up seemingly everywhere.

There was a big sign back at the hotel as the players were getting ready to leave for the game, I took a picture of it; it was urging players not to forget their game jerseys. I asked if that really happens and was told absolutely, every year.

The grass on the field at Ladd-Peebles Stadium was some of the nicest grass and the finest condition of any I've seen. Some big school or NFL team needs to put this groundskeeper on their draft list.

The Jackson State 'Sonic Boom' band is more than just a marching band. They are a true show band. They dance and entertain as well as they play. It was a refreshing half time show.

I don't know how warm those antebellum dresses were that the girls wore for the pre-kickoff show, but they sat through the whole game wearing them in the cold and were really troopers.

The chaos of letting the fans rush the field while reporters are trying to get interviews is exhausting, but fun to watch.

This was my first Senior Bowl, but it won't be my last. It was quite an entertaining event.