Scrub League Baseball: A Nation

Andrew LoveContributor IJanuary 31, 2010

Think back with me to a time when your glove and ball were your prized possessions. When 90 degree heat just meant more sweat and tears put into the game. When games could last for hours at a time, yet nobody looked at their watch.

Think back if you will to when you could be anybody you wanted to be: an ace pitcher, a gold glove shortstop, the walk-off hero. When kids played for the love of the game and didn’t care where it took them. This goes beyond a deep-rooted passion for America’s pastime. This goes beyond Baseball.

Scrub League Baseball, or SLB, was founded a few summers ago by local kids who had no place to play. No travel team to spend their summer on. No officially sanctioned league to enjoy. Some of these players haven’t picked up a bat since little league. But to them, skill doesn't matter. What matters is the heart, hustle, and soul of the game—and the chance to spend summer afternoons with their friends.

SLB is a youth organization that, for three days a week, meets at a local park to play the game of baseball. It is a place where you don’t have to “perform” to be accepted. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on lessons. You don’t have to worry about “making the team." You just have to love the game and want to play baseball as it was meant to be played: on a field, with friends, as a way to pass the time.

SLB was built on the premise that kids shouldn’t have to be “good” to play a sport. These days, sports have captured youth like never before; so much so that some are forced to give it up because they aren’t on par with the rest of their age group talent. So instead of losing the love for the game, why not go to a park and play with others just like you? At Scrub League, we give youth the opportunity to continue to let their passion grow, unrestricted by the confines of today’s sports society.

So don’t worry about if you’ve never been able to smack a home run. It doesn’t matter if pop-ups have always given you trouble. SLB is about enjoyment, regardless of talent. Our goal is to give youth an opportunity to do what they love. A chance to compete with their friends at a friendly level of competition. It can be written or spoken a thousand different ways, but the main purpose of our organization is simple: we want to make baseball fun again.

Founder: Andrew Love ( Contact with questions on how to get involved!

Location: Midway Park (Forsyth County, GA)

When: Times determined one week in advance, through message (website coming soon).

Cost: None!