More Than Just A Game For New Orleans

Kenny PerrierContributor IJanuary 31, 2010

More Than Just A Game For New Orleans 
By: WAG and Kenny Perrier

The following is a conversation between WAG and Kenny Perrier, both are Gridiron Experts hired gun writers and both were born and raised in the New Orleans area. Here is there take on the impact of the Saints’ first Super Bowl:

> > WAG: People who aren’t from Louisiana, or the Mississippi and Alabama coasts, really can’t even begin to understand what the Saints’ first Super Bowl appearance means to this region. This is much more than finally having a team good enough to overcome all the obstacles to make it to the Roman Numeral Game.
This is about a region– often ridiculed, left for dead, joked about, viewed as “backward-thinking people”– putting aside life’s hardships every Sunday for three and a half hours to gather around one symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. That symbol lies in the golden arm of Drew Brees, the softness in Marques Colston’s hands, the electricity in Reggie Bush’s legs and in the minds of Sean Payton and Greg Williams. This game is the equivalent to Morpheus’s speech in Matrix Reloaded before the Revolution begins. Just like the strongest quote in that statement, the Saints, New Orleans and the Who Dat Nation are shouting, “we are still here!”

> > Perrier: Ya betta believe we’re still here. We get to see former Saints QB, Bobby Hebert, carry on long time Saints radio personality Bernard “Buddy D” Diliberto’s promise: if the Saints made it to the Super Bowl, he’d wear a dress. Normally, you see Bourbon Street packed, when Mardi Gras is in full effect, with thousands of tourists having a good time. This past Sunday night, Bourbon Street resembled Mardi Gras. But ,the difference is it was filled with Saints Fans rejoicing and celebrating.

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