Orlando Magic Pound Atlanta Hawks Once Again 104-86

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJanuary 30, 2010

Hawks coming of a sweep of Boston looked to take first place in Southeastern division and second place in the East. Orlando also was coming of a win over Boston in which the Magic made a late comeback to win it. The Magic have owned the Hawks this season and continued it tonight.


The first quarter seemed to play very well in favor of Atlanta, going up 16-6 early on. The Magic fought back in the middle of the first to take the lead. The final minutes of the game seemed to go back and fourth. Orlando would lead Atlanta 21-18 at the end of the first.


Atlanta was still in it in the second quarter of the battle in Orlando. The second quarter lead changes were numerous which gave this game all the makings of an epic playoff style game. Every time Orlando took the lead Atlanta would come right back the fans were getting what they paid for.


This great game quickly turned into a blood bath with Orlando dominating the game. "Superman" went off in the third making many great plays which would lead to the beat down the ensued in the third quarter. By the end of the third Orlando was blasting Atlanta 77-63.


The early part of the fourth was when Atlanta needed more than ever to make a huge come back in the game and win it. Atlanta started off strong going on 8-2 run however that would be the end of any run Atlanta would make. Orlando flat out stopped Atlanta and completely dominated them again.


If the Hawks want to win an NBA title they have to beat teams like Orlando otherwise they will always be on the outside looking in on what could be.


Dwight Howard led all the players with a total of 31 points, Rashard Lewis tallied up 17 points, and Anthony Johnson gained 16 points.


Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson led the Hawks with 19 points, Josh Smith had 16 points and Bibby struggled with only 10 points.


Atlanta has a tough away game at the Thunder on Tuesday and later on gets two much easier home games vs. the Clippers and Bulls.


Orlando has a very easy three game schedule with an away game vs. Detroit, and two home games vs. the Bucks and Wizards.