2010 Senior Bowl: Players' Stock Up or Down?

Lisa HornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterJanuary 30, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 01:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators celebrates after defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats 24-51 during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisana Superdome on January 1, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Amidst the somewhat questionable sideline reporting from the NFL Network, Mobile, Alabama awaited Tim Tebow's arrival. He came, he did not conquer, and in fact, got his tush waxed.

So much for redemption, folks.

The 2010 Senior Bowl is over, and there were a few surprises, a few disappointments and a few unhappy SEC fans in the stadium.

In fact, by halftime, almost half the stadium left because the fans were disappointed that Tebow was sitting on the bench. Pity the fans that stayed the rest of the game—Tebow disappointed even more.

Running a pro-style offense is not in Tebow's best interest. His final stats sounded prettier than they were—8-of-12 for 50 yards, four yards on four carries plus two fumbles.

But the real issue was the entire media's focus on this young man. It was the Tebow Show. And everyone else.

Perhaps the pressure was too much for him. Perhaps his bout with strep throat took the cherry off that hot fudge sundae he delivered every Saturday.

Perhaps Tim Tebow, when facing a litany of college all-stars, isn't as good as we thought he was? Or he was as good as we thought he was—depending on where you stood with him.

But this was more than about just Tebow. Swear.

On to the stock status of noteworthy players.

Tim Tebow, QB : Stock way down. There is no doubt he is a great football player, but he is not a great quarterback. After a disastrous start under center in the first half, Tebow rode shotgun in the second half and it still didn't help his cause. A broadcasting career looks promising for him.


Mardy Gilyard, WR : Stock up. 103 yards, including a 32-yard TD reception, makes him one of the stars of the game. Sure his mouth is a concern, but his hands are golden. But we already knew that.


Jeremy Williams, WR : Stock way up. Tulane's gem found his niche. His mission: play against the BCS big boys and let them focus on the other receivers while getting open and almost stealing the spotlight from Gilyard. Six catches for 82 yards including a 27-yard end-around nabbed him the South's Most Outstanding Player.


Brandon Graham, DL : Stock way up. Two sacks and a forced fumble will get you the bowl's MVP every time, and this Wolverine earned it. He was an absolute menace.


Dexter McCluster, WR : Stock down. Love this guy, but when NFL scouts are watching, fumbling twice does not set a good table. Hotty Toddy was Naughty.


Tony Pike, QB : Status-quo. Pike had respectable numbers (5 of 12, 45 yards), but a few of his passes were off-target and should have been thrown more accurately. When you have an open receiver, you should make that throw.


Taylor Mays, S : Stock slightly up. Mays made a huge hit on a running back, but the back bounced off of him and reeled off more yardage, causing many to point out that Mays is all about the hit, and not wrapping up. Mays did, however, make a great goal-line pick (on a poorly thrown pass) and redeemed himself.


Terrence Cody, OL: Stock up. He made a couple of good plays, but his stock is up for one reason—his mammoth size is readily apparent compared to the rest of the comrades next to him. It's almost unfair. He was a force.


Dan LeFevour, QB: Stock way up. Here's the deal...we knew how good he was in the MAC, but how well would he play against BCS all-stars? Uh, pretty damn well. He made Tebow look like a high-schooler—5 of 10 for 91 yards including a bizarre 1-yard sneak into the endzone. LeFevour, was, well... hot, earning the North's Most Outstanding Player Award.


Zac Robinson, QB : Stock up. Robinson had the best numbers of all the quarterbacks, throwing for 176 yards and one TD. He did have a pick in the third, but overall, he proved he isn't the system quarterback many had pegged him for.


Final Score was North 37, Alabama 13. Yes, the Tide accounted for all of the South's points.

Next up: Signing Day 2010, Feb. 3.

After that, it's over 200 days till college football. Enjoy this week, college football fan.