MVP Needs A Heel Turn: Give Him Kofi at Wrestlemania

James TurnerCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2010

One year ago, around this time. Actually, it was Jan. 6, 2009. MVP was defending his US title against Kofi Kingston. After watching the many Raw matches, I think this match got snubbed for a match of the year candidate in 2009.

This match was well put together. They built up the match in just one locker room promo with each other. That's how you build matches and to ignite a Wrestlemania 2010 match up with these two again.

This time, MVP needs to be a heel. And it needs to start soon.

I can honestly see a scenario at this Royal Rumble, where the creative team wanted to give the Royal Rumble a swerve.

I honestly see the crowd will be pro-Miz and anti-MVP. It will be a mix reaction. I think MVP knows its coming too. Miz will thrive in it, while MVP will take it to heart.

MVP is a natural heel and I believe he is ready to become a heel again. That's where he's at his best. And it can start after this Royal Rumble with losing to the Miz. Have it carry over into the Royal Rumble match up where MVP is actually in as well.

He enters at No. 23. Eliminates quite a few people. Become one of the final six with HHH, HBK, Batista, CM Punk, and John Cena. He gets eliminated, he goes nuts and starts throwing a fit all the way towards the back. Suddenly, he runs back in the ring and lays out everyone. The crowd cheers and boos. As MVP soaks it in.

Chances of that happening are slim to none, but there are those creative team shake ups.

Next night on Raw, MVP needs to run the VIP Lounge and talks about how he doesn't get any respect and he's tired of it. So he calls out Kofi Kingston and he talks about not getting respect as black men.

Kofi feels he gets his respect and MVP tells Kofi he doesn't care about his respect but only MVP himself. MVP also tells Kofi he didn't deserve to fight Orton because that was his time.

That leads to their one-on-one match where MVP gets himself disqualified by continuing the assault on Kingston after the match. That leads to Kofi being in the Elimination Chamber along with Cena, Orton, DX, and current champion, Sheamus.

MVP loses to Miz at Elimination Chamber which really irates MVP inside, as woes and memories of his 20-something losing streak back in 2008.

This leads to him attacking Kingston before the Elimination Chamber, making it the second year straight Kofi miss the chamber due to interference before the match.

Kofi doesn't get what is MVP problem so MVP tells him. He wants to prove he's better than all the black athletes in the WWE.

I feel this is an important angle to go in the WWE for a number of reasons. For one, it brings out the best in MVP. Another reason is that it will make a great feud between these two black athletes for the WWE Universe to honestly respect.

Because Kofi and MVP do not get the cheers they deserve. R-Truth gets more pops than them. And he owns a victory over Jericho last Friday on Smackdown.

Another reason this would be nice for them two at Wrestlemania because it gives the WWE Universe to respect the young black wrestlers like they respect Booker T, Ron Simmons, Rocky Maivia. That's because these two haven't done anything memorable yet.

A match between these two at Wrestlemania this year would be one for the ages. Doesn't matter a winner, they will both earn everyone's respect and perhaps propel both of them to the next level.

Or I would take them both in the Money In The Bank Match. Whatever the case may be, MVP needs to become a heel to refresh that Raw brand. I'm calling Sheldon Benjamin winning Money In The Bank this year. If MVP goes heel, he may win it. MVP, YOU HAVE TO STEP UP YOUR GAME.

That's how it's going to be. If MVP can step his game up, he will get a heel turn and a push that he rightfully deserves. It all comes down to MVP.