Does John Morrison Deserve a Main Event Push?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJanuary 30, 2010

Wrestling fans all around the world have seen enough of the same stars getting the main event spotlight.

Guys like John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, and others have been the only ones really getting a shot at proving themselves in the main event matches.

The wrestling fans have bitched and complained about how wrestling hasn't been producing new stars like they have done in the past whether it was in the late 80's with Ultimate Warrior or to the Attitude era with the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock.

Today's wrestling industry hasn't been pushing new stars and damn it, its time they start now and there is a man who deserves his push, his name is John Morrison.

John Morrison started out the beginning of the "WWE Season" as a heel on ECW that still was teaming with The Miz, those two men dominated the tag team scene for well over 14 months but the WWE felt like it was time to split this team up and send Morrison to SmackDown.

Morrison left ECW but on his last night on that brand, he had a five-star match against Evan Bourne.

That match really caught the fans eyes because he showed his high flying prowess and his tremendous skill when he was in the ring with Bourne so he started to become a fan favorite.

When Morrison got to SmackDown, he was turned into a babyface and began a on-screen issue with fellow ECW alumni Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton and Morrison had some less than stellar promos but when those two wrestled at Judgment Day last May, they really stole the show. Morrison came out on top and also had garner a lot of fans respect.

Morrison continued to go through the summer quietly but had some great matches on television with guys like Edge, Umaga, and CM Punk.

John Morrison's true defining moment came last August when he was given a World Title shot against Jeff Hardy, the match up was contested less than a week after Hardy had defeated CM Punk for the title so the fans knew that Hardy would probably hold on to the title.

Now even though Morrison was not victorius that night, the match with Jeff was a top 20 match of 2009 because of the great effort both men put in.

John Morrison got to wrestle Rey Mysterio two weeks later and those two men even had a better match than the World Title match with Morrison and Hardy.

John Morrison showed folks that he could hang in there and could make you the fans believe that he could defeat main eventers like Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy.

When Morrison finally defeated Rey Mysterio, fans relized that this guy has it all from high flying moves to techincal abilities.

John Morrison is a true star on the rise however he has kinda stalled out since dropping the IC title to Drew McIntyre.

Morrison has had so many great matches in his career that you could do a dvd for him, oh wait WWE is doing one for him that comes out in the next couple of weeks.

So if John Morrison is a big star, then can't the WWE have some faith in him and have John Morrison get a main event push?

I really do hope so because he is going to be special for years to come like another guy who wrestled just like him in the 90's, his name is Shawn Michaels.

John Morrison has all the tools to be successful and can be a huge fan favorite in the ring so maybe we can see the WWE push him to be a World Champion?

I dont know yet but this is the time to push him, I say either have John Morrison win the Royal Rumble or have him wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania.

If John Morrison got a shot at wrestling the Deadman at a huge profiled event like WrestleMania or such, we would be talking about John Morrison in a whole new light.