Manny Pacquiao: The Most Overrated Fighter of All Time

Lord Hughey Windsor-Sanchez Correspondent IJanuary 31, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 19:  Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey pose for photos with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at Cowboys Stadium on January 19, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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All hail King Pacquiao, the most carefully managed, over hyped boxer in the history of the sport.

A careful process of Bob Arum match making him against the most beatable opponents possible, to try and convince fight fans that this isn't the same guy who lost 10 out of 12 rounds with Marquez, before running away, and ducking a third bout.

Let's go through the legends career, honestly, and based on fact.

His "dominance" at the small weights was little more than being destroyed by Medgoen Singsurat, before ducking his contracted re-match, and running away.

He then got the most corrupt "Arum" decision in boxing history, with a gift of a draw against Sanchez. A matter of months before Arum was investigated by the FBI for fixing fights.

Did he re-match his lucky decision. Like Mayweather and Castillo? No, the "warrior" ran away again!

He then made his name in against a shop worn Barrera, before he got another ridiculous "Arum" decision. Getting gifted a draw in a bout most people think he lost by about three rounds. Completely out boxed and outclassed.

He then got completely outclassed again by a shop worn Morales, who was only 70% of his peak skills. Being so hopelessly outclassed, that Morales started boxing southpaw for the last three rounds.

So, let's have a look—without dodgy "Arum" decisions, we'd be looking at five losses by now.

His entire career based on lucky decisions it seems.

What happens next can only be described as an Arum lesson in hype building. He'd been hopelessly outclassed in his last few fights, so Arum starts putting him in with shot names.

Morales had already been destroyed by a complete journeyman by the time of the rematch, and was not respected as a genuine elite fighter any more by then. Does Arum go after someone better?

No! He makes the fight anyway. To prove once and for all that Manny is as good a fighter as Zahir Reeham...

Are we thinking about facing young elite super feathers now?

No! Let's face the shot name again!

Right, are we ready to face a young elite super feather yet?

No! Let's get back in with another shot name in Barrera. A guy we beat easily years ago!

So Arum has done a nice job rebuilding an exposed fighter, by putting him in with a series of shot names, who were way past their best.

And then he finally goes in with another elite, peak pfp opponent, and he gets schooled again! Losing nearly every round. Surely, this has finally shown that he's not half the fighter Arum has tried to project, and Marquez will get his deserved UD.

No! Another "Arum" decisions saves him. Does the "warrior" rematch the close decision. No, he runs away again. Just like with all his losses, and close decisions.

So again, we are in a position where the world realises that Pacquiao as a fighter is maybe two-percent better than Juan Marquez.

So Arum builds the hype again, by hand picking a load of idiot-proof opponents, who won't expose any of Manny's many weaknesses.

David Diaz. Hands down the worst lightweight champion I have ever seen. Did Manny go for Casamayor, or Juan Diaz. No, he picks the chump. The easiest fight there. Anyone remember Mayweather picking the HARDEST lightweight fight available when he made the same move!? And then rematching him when he got a close decision.

Manny picking the easiest. And throughout his career continually running away from close fights.

What now? We can't accuse Mayweather of taking easy "name fights" when he became "the man", and face Oscar as well can we?

Hell yeah!

The guys shot, old, and nearly lost to Steve Forbes at 150 as the weight drop was too much. So you'd think Manny would grow a set and fight him at at least 150, to make a fight of it.

No, let's make a shot 36 year-old fighter, who can't even make 150, boil down to 147. And then make him agree to not come in over 147, so he isn't too heavy.

Oscar's usual in right weight at welter—165.

What "the warrior" asked him to come in at 147

So you've faced one bum, and one shot name. Surely an elite, peaked, tough guy now!

No, Ricky Hatton. The same "cherry picked" opponent that you accuse Mayweather of taking. Not only that, but he's completely shot by then! At least he was peak versus Mayweather.

Hatton here is shot, exposed, and most of the media wanted him to retire after nearly getting knocked out by journeyman Juan Lazcano.

That's a great opponent when your trying to rebuild an exposed fighters reputation!

Shane Mosely, the Divisional No. 1 calls you out, and says he will fight you at only 20% of the purse split. A record purse.

Roach doesn't want it though as he wants "guys who come to fight". Translated, a fighter who won't expose Pacquiao again likle Marquez. So takes an exposed Divisional No. 3 in Cotto, for half of the purse.

Turns down one of the only true superfights in boxing, for an exposed Cotto, who struggled to even beat bum of the week Clottey.

All because he wanted a guy to continue the hype. And further rebuild the exposed Pacquiaos image with yet another hand picked brawler.

Then he gets a shot to finally take on another elite, peak, slick fighter. And runs away from $40 million on the basis that he would do a test 24 days before, but not 14 days.

Runs away over 10 days! Top Rank spin it as " Filipino pride". I think Barry Bonds probably suffers from that as well...

Who's the opponent? Tim Bradley, the divisional No. 2 at the weight you are ring champion? Maybe wait for Mosely, or take on Paul Williams?

No. As they can all duck, and have the skills to do exactly the same as Marquez did. So lets hand pick another idiot-proof brawler to build some more hype.

Manny has only ever faced four peak, elite opponents in his entire career.



Marquez-One and Two.


He beat Barrera. Got schooled by Morales and Marquez. Struggled to a win over Cotto.

Let's be totally totally honest. Much of the "legend" is simply a PFP level fighter taking on either shot "names" or hand picked stooges, that offer none of the skills to trouble Pacquiao.

Anyone who can duck, slip, counter, move carefully sidestepped. Roach telling the world he "wants guys who come to fight".

Translated. I want a guy to just stand there, and let my guy swarm all around him for 12 rounds.

Popular fighters are hard to discuss. As 90% of the discussion is made by his fans.  Kind of like trying to convince Backstreet Boys fans that Nick really isn't that musically talented.

But let's be honest. Manny's actual place in history (history will surely show this) is a plucky little fighter, who came up short against the real peak HOF fighters, and had a bit of joy against some shot names, and hand picked brawlers.

Don't expect him to ever go in with a skilled fighter again. Mosely, Marquez, Mayweather will all be side stepped. With Roach running his mouth, claiming they are all ducking him, no matter how much they run their mouth.

I'm sure he will have a case of the "I'm superstitious about needles/ring size/glove size" or anything they demand. Anything to be able to run away without being labelled a ducker.

PS. The girls in the back will be facing a slick, skilled fighter before Pacquiao does.

Thanks Guys

Much Love

Lord Huey III BA, BSCI and BAR



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