Burnely 1-2 Chelsea: “Take that,” says Captain John!

BlueChampions.ComCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2010

BURNLEY, ENGLAND - JANUARY 30:  John Terry of Chelsea in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Burnley and Chelsea at Turf Moor on January 30, 2010 in Burnley, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It’s gotta be John Terry right? Isn’t that why you love football?

Terry was the toast of every newspaper in the country for a couple of days. There are lot of articles and suggestions that he shouldn’t captain the England team. These are not easy times to play a football match.

And to play an away match in a stadium like Turf Moor, especially you’e being booed for every touch, it’s definitely not easy. I must say I loved Terry’s response to bits. I was hoping that he scores and does that "finger on lips" celebration.

He did nothing of that sort. In fact, he didn’t do a proper celebration of the goal. He was visibly very angry, probably at the way things are going for him off the pitch. He wasn’t even in the mood to smile, but he responded as emphatically as possible.

So Terry’s England captaincy is in doubt? Because he was allegedly going around with an ex-teammate’s girlfriend? No wonder England has won zilch for 200 years. Why would his captaincy even become a point of discussion because of this?

You have the whole media ganging up against him and you have people like these stupid Burnley fans booing him. Why would the media and people put so much pressure on England players and coaches and surprised to see them under-perform. Probably when this section of media and general public stop being complete idiots, England would start doing better.

When Tiger Woods was going through his, I had the same stance. That’s his personal life. Still he is one of the best golfers ever to play the game and let’s respect him for that.

It’s not like Terry was the only man to have an extra-marital affairs in the whole of United Kingdom. There was a president who did @#$%^ in his office premises and stayed on to save the world. And John Terry can’t be the captain of England?

Now I don’t know it takes to be England captain. Does it have to be the Pope or Jesus Christ? See, he’s the best guy to captain England for this world cup. Anyone else is a compromise. I’m sure Capello knows that. John Terry is a huge personality and a superb captain and he just proved that today too.

Today is the perfect day for John Terry to do what Alex did and let in a poor goal. Instead he comes in and bangs the winner in the closing stages in an away match. If Terry’s captaincy is taken away for this revelation, I’m going to be so upset that I’ll go around shooting innocent people on the road.

When Burnley equalised, I must say I had butterflies in my stomach. I started to evaluating the possible scenarios that could come up after the Arsenal vs Man Utd. match. Chelsea’s response to Burnley’s goal was pretty strong. It was clear that the goal was coming.

But until Terry scored the winner, I was a bit paranoid. Turf Moor was a place were both Man Utd. and Arsenal had dropped points earlier this season. I thought Ancelotti made all the right moves in his substitutions. Except for the goal conceded, I don’t think Petr Cech was made to work too much. This was a tough away match and the significance of this result you’ll know tomorrow night.

I hope I’m not alone in this observation—our attacks are becoming quicker by the day. I’ve been observing this for some time but I wanted to confirm that there’s a clear trend in this direction. We seem to have a gained a yard of pace in all departments on the pitch. It is either because of the attacking intent or the tactics or even the fitness.

It was more evident against Sunderland and Birmingham, it was in display even today. Maybe it is because we have Malouda and Joe Cole starting for us and both these players move quickly into positions and also constantly making runs. Our attacks being slow have cost us against lesser teams that pack their defence.

Today we saw how a quick counterattack opened Burnley’s defence. It was a superb throw from Cech but I thought Joe Cole’s cross would be cleared. When Malouda clipped it in nicely, I knew Anelka wouldn’t miss those.

Also, since Ancelotti came in, I see a lot of both feet passing by the players. We are slowing improving our weak foot passing. Again, this is something that’s looks so obvious to me but you can confirm this for me.

If you happen to see the replay of the match, just notice how many times and how well passes are being made with the weaker foot of the players. I think both the frequency and accuracy as increased. This has also contributed to the quickness and unpredictability of our attacks.

Overall, it was a great football weekend. It can certainly get better. I think I’d happily take a draw in the Arsenal vs Man Utd. match tomorrow. But it’s clear that Man Utd. is going to win especially when a straight-from-league-two defender faces in-form Wayne Rooney.

On a serious note, I just want both Man Utd. and Arsenal to lose while Rooney, Fletcher, Arshavin and Fabregas get sent off due to a classless brawl over the red cards for Vermaelen and Rio Ferdinand.

I know you’re tired of me saying this, but I can’t help it. That’s truly what I want.


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