Bryan Danielson to Make Debut at WWE Royal Rumble?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJanuary 30, 2010

As most of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) knows, Bryan Danielson signed a WWE contract a few months ago. The reason we have not seen him in the WWE before now is for a few reasons.

First, he had to finish his ROH commitments. The second reason, was that the WWE wanted to use him really well and needed to find a good way to bring him in, and use him on TV.

He recently went down to FCW to stay in ring shape, so that when he does come up to one of the WWE's main rosters, he'll look really good. The WWE is really behind Danielson, and want to make sure they have a good spot for him.

Basically the talk going around, and what I've been hearing from various sources, is that there are two spots open in the Royal Rumble match this Sunday. One spot is believed to be going to Edge, and the other for Danielson.

They are going to use his "American Dragon" gimmick, which is a great thing to see. And it has also been said that Ricky Steamboat will be helping Danielson out for a little while.

It is believed that Steamboat will have an on-air role with Danielson as his manager. Also, they wanted him and Steamboat together because of Ricky's knowledge of the business, and he can help him on the spot.

The first idea after the Rumble for Danielson is to put him in the Intercontinental Title hunt, but another rumor going around is that he could be put into a stable of sorts.

Justin Angel, who is the current Florida Heavyweight Champion in FCW, is rumored to be coming up at any time. The WWE does not want to bring him up alone because of his fear of large crowds. If you can believe it, Angel has terrible stage fright.

It is said that he struggles going out in front of FCW crowds, which is why he sees limited mic time. He can wrestle pretty well in front of people, because he is really not thinking about the people, just the match. However, if you see any of his mic work, he does have a bit of "stumble chin."

This is a term people in TV like to use, and one I picked up in college. It basically means that when one talks, the chin gets wobbly, and sometimes one stumbles getting words out the right way. Sometimes a person's chin will firm up, then start to shake once one begins to speak.

People who have issues speaking in front of people, this is seen a lot. Did you know public speaking is the second thing people fear the most, only behind death?

In any case, the WWE wants to bring him as a tag partner to someone. It was said that he would team up with Chris Masters, but that got thrown out.

With Danielson coming in as a brand new superstar, bringing Angel up at the same time would also be good.

There is talk of calling him the "African Dragon." He is from South Africa, so it's not a bad nickname. He is also a terrific performer that could do really well in any team.

Rumors say that Low Ki (Kaval in the WWE) will be coming up soon too, but more so as a singles superstar. But word has come out that there is talk going on about putting he, Angel, and Danielson together.

Kaval is a Dragon in Tae Kwon Do afterall, and could be called the Japanese Dragon seeing as he is a legend over there.

Imagine Danielson, Angel, and Kaval managed by Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat as a stable in the WWE. How cool would that be?

However, the part about Angel and Kaval is all straight rumor where no one is saying yay or nay as of yet.

Angel has been speculated to be a part of many tag teams thus far, so this rumor shouldn't be taken to heart. However, word has it that the WWE is really considering it.

But keep in mind that the WWE is talking about bringing all three of these men up to the SmackDown roster; when they will be up there is undetermined, and with all three there is the rumor of having The Dragon Stable.

The one constant that many within the WWE are saying is that Danielson will be in Georgia at the Rumble and will be a part of the Rumble match.

I don't know how he will be used nor what number he will come out. But, having him debut at one of the WWE's biggest events of the year is not a really bad idea.

I highly doubt the WWE will have him win it though.

So what do you think, should the WWE make the much anticipated debut of Danielson at the Rumble or wait until later?

And what do you think about a possible stable with Kaval, Angel, and Danielson?