You Cannot Satisfy Every Die Hard Fan: So Go With The Majority

James TurnerCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2010

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 11:  (L-R) WWE wrestlers CM Punk, Natalya and MVP pose for a photo with Warriors jerseys after a  Warriors NRL  training session at Mt Smart Stadium on June 11, 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)
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I use to run this club at this organization at my school. We had seminars each Friday and talked about bettering ourselves. My goal was to make a positive impact on every student's life that came to the seminars.

I learned a valuable lesson running that club for both fall and spring semester. You cannot satisfy everyone no matter what you do.

I read countless articles on B/R about why WWE should have done this or WWE done that. But let's be real. If they actually satisfied the die hard fan and allow Legacy to break up so Dibiase/Orton can finally fight, then there will be something else that die hard fan doesn't agree with and wants changed too.

For one, I don't think Legacy should break up anytime soon. They still have all the tools to become the super group. Orton can still win the WWE title (not at the Rumble) and Rhodes/Dibiase can actually beat DX for the tag titles.

If they do break up Legacy, I wouldn't have a problem with that either because I'm a die hard fan. I go with whatever the creative team decides as long as it's entertaining. I still think Legacy needs each other.

I also believe CM Punk should win the Royal Rumble. Not many die hard fans may agree with me but this would really put over Punk. The Straight Edge Society is in my opinion, the best thing going in the WWE. People said that his world title reigns made Punk look weak. If anything, those WHC title reigns gives his stable more credibility. Punk has paid his dues.

Now before this society started and even before Punk won his 1st, 2nd and 3rd World Title reigns, I read many articles about Punk and how he should be used more and how he should start his own stable because it would be money. Now the creative team has gave CM Punk his Straight Edge Society and now I read articles that people are saying Punk is taking his gimmick too far.

Who says that? I rarely heard about someone's gimmick being taken too far. For people who always talking about how wrestling is scripted, then go with the flow. When we watch these disturbing movies that attacks religion, culture or traditions, no one says anything about that.

It's like so many people are so attached to the Stone Cold/Rock/DX attitude era that A LOT of people just can't learn how to accept the PG era and let guys like Cena be the man. There are so many Cena haters but yet he actually puts on some great, even some classic matches and rivalries. Well, maybe not classics but Cena and Edge/Orton rivalries help propel all three guys.

At least Cena is willing to lose to someone even if the creative team is trying to make him superhuman. I don't mind it. And I've been a die hard fan since I was about two or three years old. I'm about to turn 25. So I have much credibility about what I think is good WWE or TNA.

I didn't even mention TNA because even though I watch it most Thursdays, I still miss out on some things. They did do a dumb job trying to recreate the Montreal screwjob with Kurt Angle/AJ Styles and Hulk Hogan. But you got to give the creative guys a chance to wait things out.

I want to mention Joe Burgett, one of the top writers in the Bleacher Report wrestling community. I'm sure he doesn't mind me using him as an example because he loves when his name is mentioned somewhere/anywhere lol.

I never met Mr. Burgett in person but I've read NUMEROUS articles by him and even listened to his Saturday wrestling show a couple times. Sometimes, I believe he wants to work for the WWE creative team.

I don't always agree with Joe's opinions but I respect his articles to the point I read them even though I know he's going to make his usual extreme opinions about where wrestling is at now. But that's Joe. You either going to like him or hate him. Personally, I like to hear what Joe has to say.Now that goes with credibility. I know I'm going to get a good article out of Mr. Burgett.

The guys on the WWE/TNA creative team have some kind of credibility behind them. Hogan and Bischoff led the most successful era in wrestling - NWO - so give them a chance to see what they can do with TNA. But we as wrestling fans are already bashing Dixie Carter for even thinking about working with these two men. PATIENCE EVERYONE!

I really could careless where the WWE or TNA goes with their programming. I just want some entertaining television. I want to see young talent come up too but you can't rush everyone so fast. Kofi Kingston just had some time in the main event. Now bring him back down and prepare him for his true main event run. But building stars takes time.

Which leads me to my last example. The current WWE Champion, Sheamus. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of Sheamus right now but that's because I haven't seen too much of him. But I'm all up for him being WWE Champion. Not just because he's new blood to the main event scene, but just because his gimmick is honestly believable.

If people really look at Sheamus and what he has to bring to the table, he reminds me of one other dominant heavyweight champion who use to squash jobbers on occasions but also fought and beated his world title contenders. Can anyone guess?

One word.....GOLDBERG!

I still remember Goldberg's debut match on Monday Nitro. Hugh Morrus was a fan favorite and he was fighting some guy that no one, including myself knew about. Hugh Morrus hits his moonsault aka "No Laughing Matter" onto Goldberg, which seem like it was another victory over another jobber.

Then the unpredictable nature of the Bischoff creative team happen. Goldberg not only kicked out at two from Morrus' finisher but Goldberg then hits his classic finishing move, The Jackhammer and pin Hugh Morrus.

What happen after that? He goes on a 14 month undefeated streak. Even became US and World Heavyweight Champion in the process.

Did anyone think his streak would go as long as it did? I'm sure the creative team didn't. But they noticed that every week, Goldberg was getting a huge reaction from the fans, and he was a heel. Goldberg got so dominate that he was getting cheers as a heel against some fan favorites. Think Mongo McMichael/Goldberg match.

Creative team of WCW ran with it until the buzz of Goldberg went down but the buzz only grew. Then, in less than a year, he pins Hogan to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. I remember that moment like it was last night. I was jumping around the house in tears. I was the loudest 13-year-old in that whole neighborhood.

Now you people here on Bleacher Report are telling me that Sheamus can't become that Goldberg like persona? He has the look, charisma and the move set for it. He's only going to get better and we are witnessing a star before our very eyes.

Now if the creative team was smart they will keep the title around Sheamus for awhile, even after Wrestlemania. Give him his chance to main event Mania and see how his inner Goldberg will come to the forefront. He has all the potential to do it. And he has the most prestigious title in all wrestling to back it up.

All I'm saying to whoever reads this article (which I hope it's a lot) is just allow the wrestling creative teams to make their decisions. We're not making their decisions and there not going to listen to everyone. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SATISFY EVERY DIE HARD WRESTLING FAN.

The WWE is making decisions based on these wrestlers current status, fan reaction, and what the majority of the wrestling fans want. Not the die hard ones. There are way more regular wrestling fans than die hard ones. Trust me. All my friends I grew up with that loved wrestling, 90% stopped watching it. And none of their childhood heroes will bring these grown men back into wrestling except for maybe a couple shows or so.

I'm still going to love wrestling no matter what. It's my healing potion, along with music when I'm going through the emotions of life.

Majority fans want Cena, McMahon is giving them Cena. Die hard fans want Orton. He will give Orton his shine but not over Cena because Cena is the average fans vote.

So let me end it with this....YOU CANNOT SATISFY EVERY DIE HARD just go with the majority.

This article is dedicated to one of the best young brothers I've ever had the pleasure to have in my life. R.I.P. Darius James Ray. You were only 20-years-old but your soul was as golden as anyone you could ever meet. God Bless you man.