DX Brings Further Shame To WWE Tag Team Titles

Kenneth FinkContributor IJanuary 30, 2010

 It seems that once again the WWE has distanced itself from making the WWE Tag Team titles relevant. DX was supposed to have a title match against CM Punk and Luke Gallows on Smackdown, which given the recent DX tension looked like a sure fire win for the Straight Edge Society. But instead the match never happened and DX would have individual matches against Punk and Rey Mysterio.

 As we head into the Rumble not only are the owners of the Unified Tag Titles seeking individual prestige but they seem more and more like they could care less that they have the titles. It's likely that they will save one another in the Rumble match at some point only to end up facing each other. If indeed this happens do we expect a repeat of the HBK and Cena tag team title loss? For those who don't recall HBK purposely cost himself and Cena the tag titles shortly before their Wrestlemania match.

 I had honestly thought that DX holding the titles would help the tag team division by letting up and coming teams challenge and be put over by DX. Teams like the Hart Dynasty, Legacy, Cryme Time and now the Straight Edge Society could have earned some credibility and even gotten into a main event PPV. No one actually expected any of these teams to beat DX straight up, but at least if DX had in team issues they could have dropped the titles before they started looking for their own individual goals of main eventing Wrestlemania. Now the titles are most likely going to sit and rot potentially to be lost on an episode of Raw or Smackdown rather than a PPV that the titles deserve to be represented in.

 With so many superstars caught in non push storylines like Bourne, Swagger, and Chavo it would be great to see some new tag teams form and excite the crowd again with some great tag team matches. The more I see DX just toss the tag titles on the ground like they are meaningless during their intro I miss teams like the Hardy's, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, even the Miz and Morrison. At least they seemed to have some respect and fought to be recognized as a top tag team.

 I really can't wait for DX to implode, explode or just flat our disappear. I long for the days of the cocky HBK and the king of kings Triple H.