Mississippi RiverKings Top Thunder for Fifth Straight Win

Kalyn CookContributor IJanuary 30, 2010

The Mississippi RiverKings traveled to Wichita, Kansas to play the Thunder on January 29, 2010. Mississippi RiverKings' Kevin Truelson scoring the first goal of the game at 4:15 into the first period. Ryan Held and Derek Landmesser each earned an assist on the goal.

    Not even a second later, RiverKings' Darrell Stoddard ( No. 87) and the Thunder's JR Bria began to fight. Both players earned a 5:00 penalty for Fighting Major.

Then, at 7:36 into the first period, former RiverKing Ryan Campbell scored to tie it 1-1. Also, former RiverKing Steve Makway and the Thunder's Mark Adamek earned assists.

Just 0:02 into the second period, David Simoes and Brett Beauchamp   both got 5:00 penalties for fighting major. Then, at 3:45 into the second period, RiverKings Nathan Schwartzbauer (No. 8) managed to shoot the puck passed former RiverKings goaltender Ian Keserich to make the score 1-2. Glenn Detulleo (No. 11) and Bobby Chaumont (No. 21) each earned assists for the goal.  

At 11:28 into the third period, RiverKing David Simoes and former RiverKing Steve Makway went at it. Both players received 5:00 penalties for fighting major.

The Mississippi RiverKings are now on a five-game winning streak and are scheduled to play the Tulsa Oilers tomorrow, Jan. 30. Visit the Mississippi RiverKings website for more information.