Waiting Game: Nebraska Finds Future Quarterback for Class of 2011

Jack MCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2010

Coming off of a dominating performance in last December's Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, Nebraska is looking forward to improving on last year's 10-4 record. They have already opened a door to a bright future with the commitment of Texas QB Jamal Turner.

Turner is the perfect dual threat quarterback. Last year at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Texas, he both passed and rushed for over 2,000 yards. This is an unbelievable statistic.

To add on to that, he is the first and only player to rush and throw for over 200 yards in a game. He has done it four times in 10 games last year in 5A competition, the toughest class in Texas football. And as you all know, Texas football is the highest level of high school football in our nation.

This prospect may be one of the best that has been thrown the Huskers' way in decades. There's only one problem:

He's only a junior and won't be active until the 2011 season.

For most teams, this wouldn't be a big deal. As long as he's going there, it doesn't matter if it's in one year or in 10 years. For Nebraska, this whole early committing thing hasn't worked out for them with quarterbacks.

Here's just a few prospects that stabbed the Big Red in the back:

2006- Josh Freeman; Committed to Nebraska; Decommitted and committed to Kansas State

2008- Blane Gabbert; Committed to Nebraska, Decommitted and committed to Missouri

2009- Tyler Gabbert; Following in his brother's footsteps, committed to Nebraska; Decommitted and committed to Missouri

Why will it be different this time? The difference is that he has confidence.

"I'm pretty sure that, whoever's there when I get there, I'm going to give him a go," said Turner, and nothing says he can't.

Nebraska's current starter, Zach Lee, will have graduated when Turner enrolls, and Cody Green was not the immediate success he was expected to be and has shown nothing to prove he will.

But the main reason he will be different than the fallouts is his love of Nebraska football. "I just feel like a big Husker," commented Turner. "[I'm] extremely excited."

He also went on to say, "Other schools would come talk to me, and I would show no interest, then Coach [Tim] Beck would come, and we'd play and laugh. I fell in love with him as a recruiting coach."

Jamal Turner seems to have a big red Husker heart, and the Big Red nation is looking forward to having him as their quarterback.


Most Information obtained from the Omaha World Herald.