WWE Vs TNA: Why The Fans Should Leave The War To Those Involved

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2010

Ever since November 2009,when the announcement was made that TNA Wrestling planned on having a Monday Night Face-Off with Vince McMahon & WWE RAW,the Internet was filled with both excitement,and hate towards the war. A few weeks later as the showdown became closer & closer to happening fans began to choose sides as to which promotion they would begin watching. I became one of said fans,and chose to side with TNA.

After thinking about it these last couple of weeks i realized that in the end it doesn't really matter what side the fans chose. Why? Because in the end all Professional Wrestling fans that watch WWE,TNA,or both win.

Things have honestly turned into a War Of The Worlds with wrestling fans. Race A of WWE fans facing off against Race B of TNA fans,waiting for an ultimate victor to come forth,and be known as the top promotion.

In the end we all win,because TNA is looking for improvement,and wants to succeed,and be taken more seriously(which is what TNA fans want),and WWE would more or less drop PG,or go half and half with it,and become more serious with the product,and give the WWE Universe what they've been wanting since what 2008(which is what WWE fans want)?

There's no point in the fans getting involved in the war,as we don't really get anything out of picking sides truth be told,not like TNA or WWE are paying cash to give them ratings.

I just think if we watch both,then we'd all be happy. But i can understand how some wrestling fans dislike one or the other of the 2 promotions,as both have their flaws,and some fans will dislike said flaws more than others,but it really shouldn't matter in the end. This is just how i feel about the subject. If fans that usually tune into the WWE don;t like what RAW,or ECW(or SD if they read the spoilers) had going on,then they can tune in to TNA iMPACT! We have a choice now,if we don't like what one show had that one night,then we can give the other show a chance,and then repeat the process the weeks following.