Pacquiao's Secret...Revealed!

victorCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2010

Since the collapse of the negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather's camp for their much-anticipated fight, the boxing world had been divided as to who really is to blame.

Some say Mayweather is down right chickening out of the fight. His demands are ridiculous and unending, with more issues being brought up even before the last one had been resolved.

Some say Pacquiao is to blame. If he's not hiding something, then why can't he just give in? If he's so used to trading blows inside the ring, surely, sticking a needle on his thumb for a teaspoon of blood wouldn't hurt.

But apparently, Pacquiao sees things differently, as Mayweather does. For the pound for pound king who's piled up accomplishments, Mayweather is in no position to call the shots.

What most people doesn't realize is that there seems to be some truth as to what the Mayweather's claim with regards to Pacquiao's strength.

Funny as it may seem, there's a speck of truth in Roger Mayweather's claim, and according to him:

"That mother***** is on the A-side meth, that's what the f*** he's on," "It's called the A-side meth. He on that or he on something else. The A-side meth is what they used to have 500 years ago. Remember when the Philippines were fighting the US soldiers? They were shooting them motherf****s with 45s. And 45s were bouncing off their motherf****ng a$$. They weren't even dying!" -- Roger Mayweather.

If he's an investigative journalism practitioner, he's definitely on the right track in unlocking a big mystery. A few more digs and he could've found something big, bigger than any scandal brought out by the media.

Manny Pacquiao, currently regarded as the pound for pound king, who first fought at flyweight and is now bashing faces with his fists on welterweight, is on something. But it's not mother****ing "A-side meth", or "roids".

It's called "Malunggay", english name is "Moringa", and known in India as "Sajina".

HBO's 24/7 had covered Pacquiao numerous times sipping stock from chicken and "malunggay" stew. He had been so vocal about his fetish for this local Philippine dish. He even have a personal cook, with the sole purpose of concocting this favorite stew for him everytime he's in camp. For Pacquiao, it seems that the better way to hide something is to shove it right under the people's noses.

No wonder, when Japan defeated the Americans in the battle of Bataan, Filipinos continued with the war - locals, natives. Caliber 45 bullets were bouncing off their mother****ing as**s. There may be no truth on this, but I've also never heard of a Pinoy got beheaded by a Japanese during the war.