Royal Rumble 2010: Does Anybody Care About Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton?

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2010

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Hey, I remember those guys. They challenge for the World/WWE Titles this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but they’re not going to win.

World/WWE Title matches are usually a throwaway at the Rumble, with only two of the last 12 of these matches giving us a new WWE/World champion. 

And the WWE have done very little to make us believe that there is even the faintest chance of Rey Mysterio beating the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

Mysterio kept having No. 1 Contenders matches, for three weeks in a row before finally becoming the undisputed challenger for the World Title. Our favourite tiny hero then followed this up closing the last two Smackdowns, being laid out by Batista and the Undertaker.

Considering Batista had already beaten Rey when he first turned heel, another attack from Batista was unnecessary. Having your No. 1 Contender lying flat down and out in the ring does not give people hope that he could possibly do any good at all.

It’s bad enough that the only time Mysterio was the World Champion, he was booked as a weak champion.  Most the wrestling fans I have talked to fully expect him not to win the WWE Title, and so far we have seen no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Apart from replaying some clips of Mysterio with the title four years ago, WWE have done nothing.

Taker himself wrapped up Smackdown before the Royal Rumble by Choke slamming both Mysterio and Shawn Michaels, reinforcing himself as the toughest guy to defeat.

However, since ALL of us already knew Taker doesn’t lose matches easily, did they really need to have him Choke slam his No. 1 Contender?

I will concede here that with Randy Orton versus Sheamus, WWE have at least made us all believe Orton can win, though given his pedigree (and Sheamus’ lack of one) it was not that hard to do. However the overall run up to this match has been poor.

Orton won the opportunity to face Sheamus at the WWE Royal Rumble when he beat Kofi Kingston and John Cena in a triple threat on RAW a few weeks back.

The tension/build up to break up for Orton’s Legacy group has vanished into thin air again, apparently due to the amnesia of WWE Creative staff.

Since then, Orton and Sheamus have spent their time interrupting each other’s matches to remind us all in the middle of a show which didn’t seem to revolve around them or that WWE Title, that these two actually ARE having a match at the Royal Rumble.

And last week on RAW, Sheamus and Orton ended the show with both men down and out in the ring while Cena stood tall.

The Sheamus title run so far has been forgettable. WWE have done a horrible job of building him as a champion, with him beating Jamie Noble one week, and Cena a week or so later.

Don’t get me wrong, he works hard and has some charisma. However, when you have already won the WWE Title, squash matches against Evan Bourne should not be needed to get you over as a heel. Sheamus still seems to need that, and that does not bode well for him or his title run.

Microphone work and promos for this feud have ranged from little to nothing, and when Sheamus and Orton finally clash there is going to be the question of fan reaction for two heels.

Neither man is supposed to get cheered, so they could both receive a negative reaction, or they may not get a reaction at all.

I am very much a WWE fan, and with that I am still watching the 2010 Royal Rumble. That is only because of the Royal Rumble match itself, however. The rest of the card is nothing to write home about. 

McCool and Mickie have a great feud, but we have not seen a worthwhile Divas match in a long time. Christian and Ezekiel Jackson has been built up well, but its ECW, so they are not going to get much time on the PPV.

So guys, with an unpredictable Royal Rumble match in the cards, do you even care about the World/WWE Title matches?

And if so, do you think we will have one/two new champions?

For the record, I expect both Sheamus and the Undertaker to retain. Even WWE has realized by now that Sheamus needs to start beating a few more people who are relevant, not glorified jobbers.

As for Undertaker, he should be taking the World Title with him to Elimination Chamber at least, where he could drop it in the multi-man Elimination Chamber match.

The idea of Rey Mysterio pinning him is unlikely at best.