New York Knicks: Point Guard Rumors

gregory caldarellaAnalyst IJune 29, 2008

In the days leading up to this year's NBA Draft, the rumor surrounding the New York Knicks was that they were looking for a point guard of the future.

With Stephon Marbury clearly past his prime, Mike D'Antoni has supposedly been in search of a player to run the engine of his offense. His uptempo offensive style definitely needs an adequate starter at the point guard position. That could be the difference between the Knicks becoming contenders or staying in the cellar yet again.

Many were surprised—including myself—when Jerryd Bayless and D.J. Augustin were passed up by the Knicks in favor of combo forward Danilo Gallinari, but maybe Donnie Walsh has something up his sleeve after all. With the addition of Gallinari, it seems as though the once-coveted David Lee might become an expendable piece in trade talks.

Numerous rumors emerged shortly after the draft, mainly focusing on addressing the need for a point guard. Raymond Felton's name was thrown around, especially after the Bobcats decided to go with D.J. Augustin in the draft. That might have signified that Felton has become available—and he would undoubtedly be a nice, young floor leader for the Knicks.

Felton has been misused in Charlotte, as the coaching staff would play him off the ball for long stretches during the season. He is a pass-first type player with outstanding quickness and can thrive if put into the right system and situation.

A more interesting option is Monta Ellis, who was brought up recently in a possible sign and trade. Ellis is a sleek combo guard who also loves the transition game and has already stated he is a fan of D'Antoni's style of play.

If Walsh would be able to bring in such a young talent at this point in his rising career, that would be an absolute steal for the Knicks. A back court of Ellis and Crawford would be a good tandem to build upon.

Being that the Knicks did not address the point guard situation via the draft, it seems as though a deal is imminent that would bring a new floor leader to a team in desperate search for one. Let's face it, Marbury is a dead man walking in New York. He just can't be counted on to perform at a high level anymore.

It will be interesting to see what moves are made from here on out by Donnie Walsh. As a fan, I am excited and hopeful that he will make a move towards taking positive steps forward for a franchise that hasn't seen many  in years.