The Week in Review: The Draft, Cinderella, Futbol, and More

BAnalyst IJune 29, 2008

It is Sunday, and you know what that means. Well, you don't... yet. It's time for the week in review! (Note: these will not be in any order)

Starting off, we will head to our favorite Nebraskan city, Omaha.

Yes, Cinderella has struck again. Each year, there is always a team who causes a lot of raucous in their respective sport. Well for college baseball this year, that team was the Bulldogs of Fresno State.

Over the week, there was much controversy on whether this was indeed an example of Cinderella. In my opinion, I think it could go either way. Fresno was thought to be a good team at the beginning of the year, and, they just proved it in the end and not the finish.

But, they did have a mediocre record compared to the other big boys, and they were the equivalent to a number 13-16 seed in the men's basketball tournament. So, I'm split, I'll let you decide.

The Giants have signed a big sneeze. The Giants have signed Chris Snee to an extension worth $41.25 million and $17 million guaranteed over six years. $23 million will come in the first three years.

This makes Chris Snee one of the top five paid guards in the NFL. I say it is a great move for the Giants. Right tackle Kareem McKenzie and center Shaun O'Hara are under contract through 2012, so, this signing just improves their o-line for quite a few years to come.

Roger Goodell is in the news once again this week—for two different things. But, this time the news is good news.

First, Goodell announced that he has no intention of moving the Buffalo Bills to Toronto, and that the team is even more secure with the revenue it gets from playing an annual game in Toronto.

This is good news to hear, as I don't want to see Buffalo lose its team just because it is not successful. A team should only move if the team is good and the revenue is still down in the dumps.

Secondly, Goodell proclaimed that the rookie contracts are "ridiculous."

Thank you Roger. Thank you.

Every human on Earth has been saying this, and now that an authority figure has said it, maybe there will be some changes with the NFL rookie contracts.

On Saturday, a no-hitter for the ages was brought to us from the Angels and the Dodgers, and I include the Dodgers because they played the biggest part in this game.

Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo combined to throw a no-hitter in eight innings. Yet, the Dodgers were still winning 1-0 heading to the top of the ninth. The Angels couldn't tie the game, and the game ended 1-0 with the Dodgers winning, even without registering a hit.

Yet, it doesn't even count as a no-hitter anyway. The MLB does not recognize any no-hit performance if it is less than nine innings pitched.

But, the Angels still went down in the record books. They (the Angels) became just the fifth team in the Modern Era (1900-present) to no-hit the other team and lose.

How did the Dodgers score? Jered Weaver made an error in the fifth inning to put Matt Kemp on first base. Kemp then stole second base, and advanced to third on the throwing error to second. Kemp scored on a sacrifice fly.

The controversial part of this game was if the error by Weaver was indeed an error. I say it was an error. Anyone who knows baseball knows that a ball moving slowly or not moving at all needs to be picked up with your hand so you can throw it quicker and pick it up easier. Weaver missed the ball.

Also, if he had gotten the ball, Kemp would have been out, and that is what I call an error.

The 2008 NBA Draft was a big attraction this week. Derrick Rose was picked at number one, followed by Michael Beasley at two, and O.J. Mayo at three. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love rounded out the top five.

I would have selected Michael Beasley at number one, Derrick Rose at number two, Kevin Love at number three, O.J. Mayo at number four, and Brook Lopez at number five.

But, the draft just went a different way. Darrell Arthur and Chris Douglas-Roberts fell far in the draft, yet I expect these players to become the two best players of this draft class.

The Spaniards are the champions. Yesiree, the Spanish national team has won the UEFA Euro 2008 Championship by defeating Germany today 1-0.

Fernando Torres registered the only goal of the match in the 33rd minute. This is Spain's second Euro title and first since 1964.

Despite the low score, Spain dominated the play. They out-shot the Germans all game, especially in the last 20 minutes when they out-shot Germany 7-1.

Spain truly deserved to win. They became just the second team (other was France) to go 3-0 in group play, and also go on to win the cup. Spain can now rejoice as their long drought is over and they have finally won the European Championships.

That's all she (more like he...) wrote for this week. If I forgot something major in the world of sports this past week, then please let me know by commenting on this article and I'll be sure to include your thoughts (if you comment on this article) in my next week in review.

Have a great week and be sure to look out for more of my articles this week and my next edition of "The Week in Review" next Sunday.


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