Tim Tebow Is Pro-Life

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Tim Tebow Is Pro-Life
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In a world where all we expect to hear about athletes are statistics and sex scandals, it is quite refreshing to see someone take a stand.  The Florida Gators quarterback recently shot a commercial (to be aired during the Superbowl) with his mother supporting a stance against abortion. Now whether many people agree with him or not make no difference here.  The real point here is that this is a young athlete willing to stick to his guns on a highly divisive topic.  For as long as I can remember, we have been privy to athletes walking a fine line in terms of their opinions.  Why is that?  Is it because someone will stop liking Lebron James because he might be leaning more left than right?  Or is it because if we find out David Robinson voted for McCain he will somehow be removed from the hall of fame? 

In the past we have seen actors such as George Clooney, Kal Penn and Ben Affleck openly support presidential candidates and yet we do not see many sports stars come out in the same way.  That is not to say that they do not take stances every now and then.  A little over three years ago, Mike Sweeney and Kurt Warner did a commercial going against stem cell research.  I sincerely doubt that fans of those players would shove them under the bus simply because they disagree politically.  And if these fans really do end up disliking their “favorite” players then perhaps they are not true fans. 

Tim Tebow has shown great courage in coming right out of college (right before the draft mind you) and standing for something.  Some say that this will add Tebow some undo attention and hurt his draft prospects.  Let me say this, if Tim Tebow’s draft prospects are hurt it will be because he cannot throw the ball adequately or cannot run the forty fast enough.  If anything, the way he is actually handling the situation shows he at least has the poise to be a professional NFL player.  In a world that tells athletes to be quiet, Tebow made himself heard and that is something I can respect.

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