What Would Help The Pro Bowl?

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIJanuary 29, 2010

The Pro Bowl is called by some a boring and useless game. But the NBA all-star game is known as a great event and so is the MLB all star game. Why? If you think about they all have something leading up to it.

The NBA all star weekend has The 3-Point Shootout, The Skills Challenge, The Shooting Stars Competition, The All Star Celebrity Game, The Rookie Challenge, and the Slam Dunk Contest and the MLB has some events leading the All Star Game but the NFL has nothing leading up to the Pro Bowl which makes it less exciting.

What The NFL needs to do is to have events leading up to the Pro Bowl like get the strongest arms in the NFL and see who can throw the farthest down the football field or have a race with the fastest guys in the NFL like Desean Jackson,Jaamal Charles,Adrian Peterson, and Chris Johnson. It's one thing to have a Pro Bowl game but what do you have leading up to it? If you want people to watch a meaningless game at least have something leading up to it that will make it a little more interesting the NBA all-star game probably gets more people in attendance then you have TV viewers because of they have a weekend of activities leading up to it and it is a good idea to have it before the Superbowl because the week before the Superbowl is to me the most boring week ever!

Also you need to let the guys from the Superbowl play in it because most of them never get that chance at a Pro Bowl and when you don't let them play you could be screwing them out of something they might not have in there careers. Also they should try to get some of the old guys into it just so every fan can see there old favorite player being apart of something of awesome! Also I would have the rookies duel it out with Sophomores just to see who's the better future. If the NFL can do these things it will get the Pro Bowl more hype which will translate into more viewers and will translate into more money and don't just stay in the same place every year go to different places Like Dallas & Los Angeles & New York and more of the NFL fans in the states will get to see it.