When Does It End? Better Yet, Where Does It Start?

Joe AmbrosioContributor IJanuary 29, 2010

Who is running the show?  Is it Omar Minaya?  Is it Jeff Wilpon?  Is it John Ricco?  Is it Barrack Obama?  Who is it?

This offseason has been filled with lies and frauds.  Omar lied.  The Wilpons lied.  Where is this money spending?  Where is this plan? Where is this championship caliber team?  Don't sit there and lie to me!

It seems to me and everyone else that Omar is not trusted with the decision making anymore.  If Omar is the GM, let him run the franchise as he sees fit.  You think Omar is comfortable with this team?  You think Manuel is?

Maybe money is a problem.  But the Wilpons said they will spend money and make this a championship team.  Could it be the Wilpons losing money from Madoff?  Fred Wilpon said it would not affect the amount of money this team is willing to spend.  Actually, a guy investigating it said the Wilpons made money from this.  But, if money is an issue, do us all a favor and sell the damn team!

Why is the front office not aggressive this offseason?  Why was John Lackey not given an offer from the mets?  It's one thing to give an offer and the guy says no.  But it is another thing to just sit back and let Boston sign him.  Make the guy say no!  And we couldn't give Molina 2 years to improve this club? 

Pitching Coach Dan Warthen said the Mets pitching woes were because of the catching.  They were dissatisfied with the catching.  And for Omar to say that they are happy with the catching platoon they have now is another big lie!  If they were happy, why were they going after Molina and Torreabla.  It's like you go to a dealership to buy a new car and comeback empty handed, and then you say you know what, I really don't need a new car.  THEN WHY WERE YOU THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

It's just heartbreaking to see teams like Seattle, San Diego, and Oakland go out there and spend money while the mets sit back.  Joel Pinero's first choice was New York.  Marquis wanted to play here.  Garland was signed for cheap.  But yet, none of these player are New York Mets.

Omar said starting pitching would be an issue to be taken care of in the offseason.  But all we have to show for this is R.A. Dickey and Kelvim Escobar.  Why are we getting out bid for a Joel Pinero?  Omar is basically saying that if everyone stays healthy and if everyone reaches their potential, then we'll be okay.  A lot of what ifs.  It's like signing Mike Piazza and saying, well if he can hit like he did in 1999 we'll be fine.  Come on GIVE ME A BREAK!

Any true mets fan can not be happy with the direction this team is headed.  No, they won't finish below the nationals, that's just a joke.  They could win 85 games if they are healthy and playing decent, but a lot of what if players have to turn it around and Beltran needs to come back on time.  This front office needs to make the met fan feel good.  God Bless season ticket holders.