Please WWE: Do Not Make HHH Vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIMarch 11, 2017

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Who wants to see Sheamus Vs. HHH at Wrestlemania? Be honest now. With all the potential match-ups that WWE could make with HHH involved, this is one that I would rather not see.

  This is not meant as a shot to Sheamus. He has done a very solid job since his time on Raw, but he is not ready to face Triple H at Wrestlemania. In fact Sheamus is not ready to be in any kind of main event at Wrestlemania. The WWE title has virtually been forgotten since Sheamus won it. He has only main evented one Raw in six weeks as champion and has not had that much time in the spot-light.

  A match between him and HHH would be dull. Maybe at a normal PPV it would be acceptable but not at 'the big one'. HHH is now 40 years old, and is slowly exiting the prime of his career, WWE needs to do everything within their power to make good use of him while he is still in his prime. I want to see HHH involved in an iconic match at Wrestlemania with another established legend, so here are a few ideas:

1) HHH Vs. Undertaker:

Now this would be a turn up for the books, and nobody would expect it. Everyone thinks HBK will face Undertaker, but what if HHH turns heel, wins the Rumble by eliminating Shawn and elects to face the deadman to rub it in to HBK further. Not only would that make huge friction with HBK but also possibly recreate one of the best wrestlemania matches in history. Wrestlemania X-7 saw a fantastic match between Undertaker and the game that totally stole the show. Last year at Elimination chamber, HHH beat Undertaker. So I do not see why we could not have a solid conclusion to this feud. This match would make money. Lots of it.

2) HHH vs Batista:

HHH has never beaten Batista in his career. It is currently 3-0 to Batista after their feud in 2005, and how fitting would it be to have HHH get a measure of revenge at Wrestlemania. These two men put on a fantastic Hell In A Cell match, so I think if this was made into a gimmick match then it would be all the better for it. Batista is already a heel, HHH a face. They have swapped roles from their WM21 match. This match could steal the show. Then again Batista will probably face Cena but this match is one I would rather see.

3) HHH and Vince McMahon Vs. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart

  Again this would require an HHH heel turn, but it would be fantastic. HHH has had no interaction with Bret Hart and has not apologised for his slight involvement in the screwjob. He has also been friendly to McMahon backstage giving him advice and telling him to bring Hart back. They are also related, so blood is thicker than water could be a theme of the alliance with the boss. This match would fit perfectly in with the Hart Vs. McMahon feud as all four were involved in the screwjob and would also mean that Hart and McMahon could be involved in a match where they could be carried.

4) HHH Vs. HBK

Who wouldn't want to see this? Either one of them could turn heel but I would rather it be HHH. I could see HHH and HBK as two of the last people in the Rumble. HBK eliminates someone, then HHH ambushes HBK from behind and eliminates him to win the Rumble turning heel in the process as he costs HBK his dream. HBK then wins his last world title (the WWE title) at Elimination chamber, setting up a match between the two at Wrestlemania in the main event. Far better than a match with Sheamus don't you think?

 So there you have it, four good reasons why Sheamus would be a let-down of an opponent for the game at Wrestlemania. Not because he is bad in the ring, but because there are other stars far more established that could steal the show.

What do you think?