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josh millarSenior Analyst IJune 29, 2008

. Personally for starters I would prefer to manage a small market team where trades and cost limitations and draft picks have value rather then free spending limits (Minnesota twins would be a nice fit
The position of GM matters in every sport it is the integral position of any organization but it tends to matter most in the game of baseball as you must have the ability to look into the future as well as make trades for declining veteran talent on your club.
• What would be your draft strategy? Take the best available player? Draft to fill a need? Trade up? Trade down?

As sitting on the fence as this may sound the best draft strategy a combination of taking the best available player, drafting to fill a need trading up and trading down. First look at your teams depth chart look at which positions are filled and need improvement, and then look at the draft board and the players available. Does the player fill your needs? How quickly can he develop to help the team?

If you are a rebuilding team it is wise to trade down and stack picks, trust your scouts, the more draft picks you have the greater your potential is to find the diamond in the rough.

How much input would you take from the head coach or owner(s)? Would you focus on filling the seats with a popular player or be willing to take the not as glamorous pick who can help the team the most

It is important for any good  GM  to have a healthy relationship with his coach thus it is important to consult with said head coach to know the coaching style and the coaches preference in style of player.

I would also take little to no input from the owner as most of them are not skilled in deal making and have little ability to evaluate talent
Let the owner on the manager manage and the scouts scout

Popular players wont be popular if the team doesn’t win ALWAYS take the player most beneficial to the team 

• Which sport is easiest to project how the talent will develop? Which is the toughest and has the most bust potential?

The easiest sport to project talent development is hockey, as it is a sport in which athletes of all sizes can be successful, it also allows a long career span as you can turn pro at 18 and hockey is a sport that in order for teams to be successful. To be successful a team requires 3 kinds of player’s offensive defensive and checkers. The different elements of the game eliminate the potential for a bust. Hockey is not as much about talent as it is skill set.

The toughest is baseball because you rarely see anyone make the jump from high school or college straight too the majors, most players will play all 3 levels of minor league baseball and you must evaluate the talent at each level before they make the jump

Which sport is easiest to find a talented player in a late round and which one has the most dramatic fall-off in talent?

It is easiest to find late round talent in hockey as it is an international game these days and it is simply a matter of where and how much scouting you have, if you have scouts in Sweden while another team does not you are more likely to know the potential of a player in the later rounds, as an example the Detroit red wings Henrik Zetterberg and pavel Datsyuk both star players were late round picks.

The most difficult in terms of late round talent is the NFL, at least at the skill positions mainly because there is a new highly touted draft class every year and you have to gage potential and monetary value versus the upcoming draft class in short football is the most tempting sport.

The GM a successful and unsuccessful teams  MVP






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