Edmonton Eskimos-Hamilton Tigercats; Meaningless Game for Last Place Teams

Martin MaleAnalyst INovember 3, 2007

Icon Sports Media

The Edmonton Eskimos ended their second consecutive disastrous season tonight against the perennial league doormat Hamilton Tigercats. After a North American pro sports record 34 straight years making the playoffs, the Eskimos will watch the CFL playoffs, which start next week, for the second year in a row.

Tonight was also the final game in the mostly up but sometimes down career of kicker Sean Fleming. He finished his career as the punter this evening turning over the place kicking duties to Warren Kean. Kean was the Eskimos first round draft pick this past season and spent the first 17 games on the practice roster. Fleming was also a first round draft pick back in 1992 and he will finish his career with 250 games played including 20 playoff games and 5 Grey Cup games. He finishes his career with as the Eskimos all-time leader in points (2416), field goals (519), converts (680), punts (1138), punt yardage (47,459) and kick-off yardage (65,726). Goodbye Sean and good luck. Your leg and heart will be missed.

Well at the end of the night the Eskimos lose to the leagues worst team 21-19. It was a unexciting game with a few bright spots. Damian Anderson, Kamau Petersen and Warren Kean all had good games and will most definitely be back next year. Kean finished his first game 3/4 in field goals and 1/1 in PAT for 10 points. Both Stephan LeFors and Steven Jyles had adequate games as you would expect from the #2 and #3 quarterbacks. Ricky Ray, who has been injured for the last 5 games, will be back as the starter next year. As far as the rest of the team is concerned, that will be decided.

I will sit back for a week and consider this season. Like tonight's game there were a few positives but a lot of negatives. Look for the report card and my recommendations for next year later this week.