Top Steelers' Defensive Backs

Spencer TucksenSenior Writer IJanuary 28, 2010

PITTSBURGH - JANUARY 11:  Ike Taylor #24 of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on against the San Diego Chargers during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game on January 11, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steelers won 35-24. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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It's been a while since my last article seeing as it has done very well and remains on the Steelers home page. I decided I would follow up my Linebacker grades with the truth about our Steelers secondary. I will grade this by: Hands (not just if they have them, but if they can use them), Run support, Zone D, and Man D.



Some of you may be asking " This is stupid! We only had two interceptions by our cornerbacks the whole season. One of which on he last play of the season!" and you are sort of right. This list isn't just about the cornerba-"Our leading interception-ator only played in 4 games!" You didn't need to cut me off but I understand. I will cover that.List time!


  1. Troy "Poofy Hair" Polamalu—Every one of you saw this coming. He was tied for the team lead for INT'sand he only played 4 games. That is a statement to how "F"ing awesome he is. 2 of them were all-season highlight worthy. Those would be the Titans game and Cleveland game INT's.
  2. Ryan Clark- you don't get to be tied for team lead without at least o.k. hands. Yes, I understand he is more for run support and destroying players( ). Welcome to the THUNDER DOME! That is for those of you who didn't immediately remember that hit. He isn't the best player on our team who owns a pair of hands but that's fine by me.
  3. Deshea Townesnd—He may be one of the oldest cornerbacks not in free agency but damn it I have memories! Do you guys remember the guy who intercepted a Romo pass last year and returned it for the game winning TD? I do....oh I do. He is still pretty much the same player. One of the reasons he didn't have a spectacular season this year was that he didn't start most of it. William Gay did..... I think we all know my opinion on him.
  4. Ike Taylor—This man is the shiny example of why I wrote this article. People hate him with a passion. I mean they HATE him! Not Bruce Arians hate but close. This dude has been the closest thing to a shutdown corner we've had since...Rod Woodson? Maybe Townsend in his prime. He covers very well, and he can knock a pass down when it comes his way. His only weakness...his Kryptonite, if you will, is that he has stone hands. He can't catch to save his life. Occasionally he'll get a good one, but it's rare.


  1. Troy "Head and Shoulders" Polamalu—Of course he is the winner in this section. He is one of the best SS of all time! He makes picks, but he can make you cry like a little girl. He can shatter your Earth my friend.  Those are skills.
  2. Ryan Clark—He hits like a Mack truck. That's made all the more impressive because he is a FS. If you need a big hit go back to the Welker crush.
  3. Ike Taylor—He is one of the best Corners in the NFL at tackling. If we didn't have two great tackling safeties, he would be at first or second place.
  4. Deshea Townsend—He is older, weaker, and less capable of tackling. He never was great at it, and now it's starting to show.



  1. Troy "Repetitively Good" Polamalu— I have officially not broken the mold in any way, huh?
  2. Ike Taylor? "I don't even know 'er!"—I know that wasn't hilarious, but the stupid jokes are more fun for me! He can cover with best of them, and he has good instincts. He's no Nmandi Asomugha but he's very effective in our defense.
  3. Ryan Clark—He may not be the best at it but he still gets the job done. He is mostly there for the big hits. He exists in our defense to kill people with his body throwing violence.
  4. Deshea Townsend—This is a sad day when Townsend comes in last place in almost every category. He is "ok" at it, but he just isn't going to be a starter anymore. Hopefully Joe Burnett will be able to step up.


That concludes our lists!


Polamalu: 4

Ryan Clark: 7

Ike Taylor: 9

Townsend: 11

Thank you all for reading my long article! Please comment so I can know how you feel!