Golden State Warriors: A 2008-2009 Pre-Season Checklist

K ShakranSenior Analyst IJune 28, 2008

The Golden State Warriors draft picks seemed like an exciting entice to all Bay Area fans. Precisely so. But, the draft picks were just one thorn Chris Mullin and the gang will throw behind their backs and start to drown into the world of trades, free agents, and signings.

Consequently, as a fervent Warriors fan, I would like to see the "We Believe" signs fly again in the 2008-2009 season. So, I've made a quick checklist that Warriors organization should consider.


(1) Make sure Baron Davis returns for one more year

Baron Davis accounts as the franchise player for the Warriors. Releasing him might well deteriorate the beautiful chemistry the team shared last season. Additionally, a player of B-diddy's caliber in this league could not abruptly pop up in a well packaged trade. If Boom Dizzle insists on a trade, a likely affair to occur, be prompt in landing a point guard right away (Chauncey Billups?).

(2) If Davis is traded to Detroit, do not include 'Sheed in the deal

If B-diddy does force a trade to Detroit, Billups has to be a must. However, do not include Rasheed Wallace. It might be an intricate obstacle to overcome for Nellie, but to speak the truth, 'Sheed has, according to Monte Poole of the Oakland Tribune "checked out his job years ago."

Once one of the league's best inside scorers — his shooting percentage was in the top 10 four straight years ('96-97 through '99-00). Wallace now tends to lurk about the perimeter, avoiding the paint as if it were a cage filled with lions, tigers, and bears.

(3) Land two-three solid bench players

Like I've been distressing since the end of the '07-'08 campaign for the Warriors, a back-up point guard is one of those bench players the team desperately need. Outstanding D-League performer CJ Watson did not earn the trust of Nellie due to the fact that that he was a rookie. But again, who did?

T.J Ford is linked to a move to the Indiana Pacers, so cross him off the list.

Names to consider: Javaris Crittenton, Chris Duhon (Unrestriceted Free Agent), Keyon Dooling (Unrestricted Free Agent), Bonzi Wells (Unrestricted Free Agent), Francisco Elson (Unrestricted Free Agent), Luol Deng (Restricted Free Agent), Beno Udrih (Unrestricted Free Agent).

(4) Trade Al Harrington and Matt Barnes

Al Harrington and Matt Barnes both re-discovered themselves with the Warriors. Despite being Bay Area lovers, trading them would meet the inevitable. Al Harrington did not perform to his full potential due to the fact that Nellie purposefully attempted to transform him into a face up three point shooter. Last season, he evidently made it a complaint, and I think he was right in doing so.

On the other hand, Barnes was extremely un-productive last season due to his mother's death, affecting his performance significantly.

Positions to trade for: Power foward, swing-man, and back-up center.

(5) Get Brandan Wright and Belinelli into the rotation

These two young future stars have yet to receive their chance in Nellie's run and gun system. Wright had a few flashes here and there, mostly in garbage time, last season.

Belinelli appeared in only 10 games during the whole campaign, mostly dressed up in a suit behind the Warriors bench looking like a player's little brother or nerdy young cousin who scored a special pass to the game and autographs from all the real players.

Difference Maker

Mully has said he wanted to land a "difference maker" that can change a mediocre team into a title contender. The trade exception, which basically would make it much easier than normal for the Warriors to land a well-paid player, expires on June 30.

Let's hope, for once, a "difference maker" could land in Oracle Arena and get the "We Believe" shirts flying again.