Apple IPad Falls Victim to Steve Jobs and Apple's Success

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Apple IPad Falls Victim to Steve Jobs and Apple's Success


I find it so funny that Apple is getting a lot of heat for this new iPad not being innovative.

I have been following the rumors for months and its 100% what we expected it to be. The pictures and description and all the speculation end up being exactly on point. So the real problem is the people’s expectations were set to high. Everyone knew everything so they all wanted something more. I compare this to reading spoilers to tv shows then getting mad you knew the ending.

The iPad is basically a big ipod touch but it's also much more. Once it's out, I am sure the masses and critics will see it and love it - at the end of the day, it is Apple.

People buy laptops, ipods, portable dvd players, portable game devices, and e readers. This product is everthing in one, and is great for traveling.

Many in cities like New York are upset about having something bigger, and extra to carry. This is not how the entire world thinks. People drive to work and can throw the iPad in their car. People fly on business and can bring it along with them. People like me carry a book to work and will now carry a thinner iPad.

This may not be a revolutionary product like the iphone, but it very well may be when all is said and done. However it does create its own middle market between a smart phone and netbook and given how past products have worked out, I would put my money on the iPad creating a need, just like everything else.

We didn’t NEED cell phones, now we do, we didn’t NEED to carry music around with us, now we do, people never thought they would want an eReader so they can carry around hundreds of books with on one device, (at the end of the day you only Read one at a time) then it became the top selling item over the holidays.

If people’s expectations were not met, and were too high, or the blogs they read spoiled the news for them, that’s not Apple's fault, they still put out a new interesting product that will change the landscape.

The name iPad?!?! Some people have written that Boston accents can't differentiate from iPod vs. iPad, thought that was funny. I never thought of the Maxi-Pad analogy until I read it yesterday, which is kind of clever I guess. Maybe being a little more creative with the name would have been nice but that doesn’t take away from the product itself.

How incredible is apple at what they do that people dedicate websites to discuss and critic their products?

This is like being the best team in sports and your expectations are higher, anticipation is greater, and so criticisms will be more ridiculous and expansive.
Apple has become a victim of its on innovations over the years showing how amazing this company is and setting the bar higher and higher to the point where people are never satisfied.

Thats not an Apple problem, that's a YOU problem.

Now let’s enjoy our new toy called the iPad!

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