The St. Louis Cardinals Must Find Their Stroke Fast

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IJune 28, 2008

Sure the St. Louis Cardinals won 5-1 tonight against the Kansas City Royals, but it was just another mediocre offensive game for the Redbirds.

Although, the Cardinals tacked on five runs, they got plenty of help from the home Royals who made two errors.

The 'Bird could muster just seven hits, and no player on the lineup card registered two.

Starting pitcher, Mitchell Boggs, let the Cards offense off the hook again, but manager Tony La Russa has been recognizing lately that good pitching is no excuse for awful hitting.

In the four games previous on the trip against the Royals, the St. Louis scored a total of six runs, a number almost matched tonight by it.

Timely hitting and great starting pitching had been the Cardinals M.O. during the first half of the 2008 season, but now the latter seems to be the only one on display.

After the rubber-match in tomorrow's game, the Cardinals face the struggling, but capable New York Mets before taking on archrival Chicago Cubs in a weekend set.

There is no more important time than now for the Cardinals to find their bats. It may start with an unlikely source, outfielder Ryan Ludwick.

After a stellar beginning of the year, Ludwick has tapered off significantly in the last month, it must go without saying that first baseman Albert Pujols will carry a heavy load of the hitting brunt.

Whatever the problems are, whether it be seeing the ball out of the pitcher's hand, or simply not finding the gaps, the Cards need to return to earlier form.