Phillies Silence Texas Rangers in Arlington

Steve StevensonContributor IJune 28, 2008

Series tied, 1-1.

Texas Rangers, Michael Milton, came out early with a two run homerun in the bottom half of the first.

It was a short lived for Texas with a three run second inning when Phillies, Jason Wirth’s,two- two run single and Chase Utleys’ Solo homerun pushes Philly 4-2.

This was followed by Ryan Howards two run homer— Phillies up 6-2.

Texas shortened the cap to 6-4 in the fifth with two runs off three hits one ERA.

Top of the sixth: two outs.

Phillies, Chris Coast, scored from second on a line drive hit from Rollins who tried for an inside the park homerun and was gunned down with 9-4-2 relay at the plate.

The Phillies pushed the lead 7-4 with Rollins, RBI triple, in the top half of the sixth inning.

Texas brought in right hand reliever Benwah with a 5.91 ERA and 33 games to start the seventh inning.

Utley triples in the top half of the seventh inning after a bunt single by Victorrino to start the inning.

Phillies up lead 8-4 after seven.

Ian Ginsler was three-for-three; 107 career hits for Texas.

He came up short bottom of the eighth after he was picked off at first by right handed, Chad Durbin, with 31 games 1.47 ERA who was replaced by Phillies left handed JC Romero with 38 wins a 4-1 record and a 1.74 ERA.

After, what should have been a routine play for Ryan Howard, The Phillies first baseman, bounced the ball off his body into foul territory.

Next batter, catcher, Chris Coast, was called for a catcher’s interference, two on two outs.

Texas Rangers, Bird, got a base hit shallow left center field to load the bases in the bottom half of the eighth.

Ramirez got a base hit for Texas to bring the score 8-5.

Rangers close the lead 8-6 after eight innings Phillies Brad Lidge closes out the game for the Phillies 8, Texas 6.

Commentator: After a nail biting two runs in bottom half of the ninth, one out Phillies, lead 8-6 Romero retires Hamilton at the plate followed by Milton Bradley’s Strike out with a high fastball.

Lidge gets his 19th save out of 19 opportunities of the season.

Series even up a game a piece Phillies win three games out of 13 with a record 44-38 Phillies at Texas Tomorrow to close out the series.

Phillies Closer, Brad Lidge, is a sure thing when he comes to the mound. The only problem is the need to get more runs on the board and finds a starter who has the desire and commitment Lidge does.

That's going to win ball games.